Cast Nets In PA?

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    Are cast nets legal in pa? If so is there any restriction on where and when you can use them. I looked through th pa fish commission site and got even more confused.:confused2:
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    If I remember correctly, there is certain places(8 listed currently) your allowed to use them, but you have to get a permit for each place, if I'm not mistaken. Pa has a very narrow window for using castnet's, no doubt about it. almost more hassle then it is worth, if you follow the letter of the law. Off the top of my head I think Raystown lake, Blue Marsh are 2 of those places.

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    Short Answer, NO <Link>

    The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission issues permits for use of cast nets or throw nets for taking gizzard shad 8 inches or less in length and alewife only in waters determined by the executive director. The executive director has determined that the Commission will issue cast net or throw net permits only for the waterways listed below. A separate permit is required for each area. (Net permit application)

    Count______Water Area
    Berks Blue______Marsh Lake
    Bucks______Nockamixon Lake
    Carbon______Beltsville Lake
    Huntingdon______Raystown Lake
    Wayne/Pike______Lake Wallenpaupack
    Butler ______Lake Arthur
    Mercer______Shenango River Lake​

    The use of a cast net or throw net in any other Commonwealth waters is a violation of the Fish and Boat Code and is punishable by a fine and may result in the loss of fishing privileges. Cast nets or throw nets shall not exceed 10 feet in radius or 20 feet in diameter and possess a mesh size of at least 3/8-inch. The holder of the cast net or throw net permit may take, catch, kill or possess a daily creel limit of 100 gizzard shad and alewife (combined species). The holder of the permit shall carry the permit on his/her person while using the net or while possessing more than 50 gizzard shad or alewife (combined species). The permit shall be available for inspection by a waterways conservation officer.

    It is unlawful to:

    - use a cast net or throw net in the waterways listed above without the required permit;
    - use a cast net or throw net in any other Commonwealth waters except those listed above;
    - use a cast net or throw net to take, catch, kill or possess any fish species except gizzard shad 8 inches or less in length and alewife;
    - use gizzard shad or alewife taken under the required permit as live bait in any water other than the water from which it was taken;
    - use a cast net/throw net without possessing a valid fishing license.
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    i'm set i have my permit, another thing its 10 bucks for a permit and you need a seperate permit for each of those bodies of water on the list, and also a seperate permit for each net size you have, which i think is stupid, one permit should cover the whole state:confused2:
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    i "caught" my biggest crappie(18 inches) with a cast net when i lived in Texas.
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    Unless they have changed the laws since last year, you are allowed to use a cast net in pa, except it can't exceed a 3 ft diameter. You can't even buy one that small so why they have the law, I don't know. I got to know the local fish warden pretty good and asked him about it. He said he knew of guys who had cut them down to 3 ft and that was legal. I thought about it and it seems to be more work than it's worth. hope this helps.