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Discussion in 'Castnet(s)' started by foothills, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. foothills

    foothills New Member

    South Carolina
    while considering threadfins, blue backs, and gizzard shad to be the targeted baits...and also considering simplicity in throwing the net...what is the "ideal" cast net size??
  2. weathermantrey

    weathermantrey New Member

    I could throw a 6 foot net without doing it the "proper" way. When i bought an 8 foot cast net i had to learn how to throw it the right way. I couldn't get it to open any other way. It's really not that hard though. If you're gonna get a cast net, go ahead and get a big one and just take an hour to learn how to throw it out in the yard. Also, you probably wanna get 1/4 inch mesh. I have 3/8 mesh and half the bluebacks i net get there gills caught in it which makes it a pain to get the bait out.

  3. flatheadhunterx

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    South Carolina
    i use acouple different ones depending on where i may be using it. If you are using it where you dont know about the bottom or snags i would get a cheap one but where i throw that i know nothings going to happen i would get the largest one you can handle with the most weight on it because two of the same size nets by different brands may not weigh the same. also find the smallest mesh size you can to keep bait from getting stuck in it. but if you are gonna be casting from a boat i would learn to throw it from the boat setting in the yard instead of learning by throwing in the yard because its a totally different ball game. in the boat you got to clear rod holders, the rail or anything else that may be in the way.
  4. BAM

    BAM New Member

    I would start with a wally world 6 footer, If you can learn to throw that, then you should be able to throw about anything else.
  5. Pastor E

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    Beebe AR
    I just bought a 4 & 1 half mono

    TIM HAGAN New Member

    ALSO Check your state laws some state have a size limit on the nets.
  7. bank bouncer

    bank bouncer New Member

    I like my 8 ft wally net, open it up 75% and you still catch alot of bait, but with that said I also have a I think 4 footer for scouting new lakes where you make lots of throws or you get in tighter spots. Just put the time out in the yard to learn it. The method that became easy for me is the one on In-fishermans " Predators On The Prowl" or "Big Cat Safari". Most of the time nothin beats fresh bait from the lake you are fishing.
  8. RiverratSC

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    Gaffney, SC
    I have a three half foot net which I hate and I have a six foot net which I love. To me the six foot net it easier to throw.
  9. aaronm283

    aaronm283 New Member

    i use a 10 ft 4 ft would be good to start with
  10. catmando2

    catmando2 New Member

    Where I fish I can catch all I want in the warm weather with a 4 foot net. Plus,for me it is easier to cast from a boat and if I get it torn up on stump's it is more cost effective to replace. Also I prefer the monofilament cast nets because a lot of the times you are going to catch small catfish in them also and they are a major problem to get the barbed fins out of a nylon net. Check with your local wal-mart as they are usually the most reasonably priced.
  11. photocat

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    HOCO, Maryland
    I'd say it depends on where your getting bait from... Like Tim said there are regs sometimes on the maximum size of a net... It also depends on where your throwing it... If your trying in and around alot of downed trees (not suggested but if its where bait is then you gotta) then i'd go for a 4 or 5 footer at most... If you going in open water for roaming schools of gizzards, go for the largest that you can throw either legally or physically...

    also size is weight... that depends on where your fishing too... if your in shallow water (3 ft or less) you can get away with 3/4-1lb of weight... if your going in middle (2.5-7) a 1 lb/ft weight will work... any deeper i'd go to 1.2 or so lbs per ft... I have an 8 ft net that i use for my self thats got a little bit larger mesh (sinks faster) and 1.5 lbs/ft it can be a pain to continually throw but if i'm in an great area (say certain spots on the potomac, James or Sassafras Rivers) I only need to throw a couple of times to have enough bait for the night... at some places my 4 fter w/ 3/4 lb/ft loads up my bait box w/ enough sunnies to keep my butt fishing for hours in 2 throws...

    Look at where you go most often and get the net to fit there... there are lots of cheaper nets (BPS, Betts:eek:ld salt or tyzac, Walmart) out there so you can get a backup or one for a second spot you fish with no problem at all...
  12. jrack1

    jrack1 New Member

    i,ve been casting a net for 50 Y's, an 8 ft works well on all boats and catches all the bate i need.
  13. Dredge

    Dredge Member

    I use a five footer from wallyworld.It seems to me to be the best all around size.Easy casting,yet big enough to catch alot of shad.
  14. BigBird

    BigBird New Member

    Charlotte, NC
    For me, A six is easier to throw than a 4'.
    However I need to invest some time learning to throw a bigger/heavier net for deeper bait!
    I used to practice standing on a picnic table.
    Have fun!
  15. JAinSC

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    South Carolina
    I vote for the multiple net set up. 5 foot nets with 3/8 inch mesh are pretty cheap and you can them all over. Bigger nets or ones with bigger or smaller mesh are gonna cost you. I use the cheep net for anywhere I might get hung or tear up the net and pull out the big net (bigger mesh will sink faster and do a better job of catching big baits like bluebacks or large shad) only when I need it.
  16. poisonpits

    poisonpits Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    i have a 3 foot net i use below dams on the arkansas river cause the shad get so thick you cant pull a bigger net out of the water.ive got a 5 foot i been using in places where the bait is not so thick.i won an 8 1/2 foot net from ego net co.and tho i havent tried it in the water yet i have threw it at the camp grounds at picwick and it throws better than my 5 footer from wally world ever did.needless to say i want be using it around any rocks or logs.
  17. 223reload

    223reload New Member

    I have a few 3 footers,I can throw 100times and make 99 perfect ones the prob is that it don't cover very big of a target area. I use my 4 footer and have about a 50% good throw from it ,I'm scared to even try anything bigger even though I know if I ever get the hang of it I'll kill the baitfish ,because of the huge area they cover.