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    I just recently purchased a cast net (last night) and decided that I would learn how to throw it and catch all the bait fish I need. After I got it home I got on line and checked out utube on how to accomplish this task, after watching 15 people demonstrate thier prowess with the different sizes of cast nets. Seeing these people throw the net out into a perfect circle I started getting excited and decided it was time to give it a whril.
    My first throw should have aired on Americas funniest home videos because I caught myself and almost tripped on it since I was practicing in the front yard my nieghbors got a good laugh. Undaunted I kept at it and after 2 and a half hours of hard practice I finally got where I could get it to fan out at least half way, by tomorrow morning I should have it down.
    Anyway thought you all might need a laugh :smile2::smile2::smile2::smile2:
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    Yea i still remember when i first learned to through a cast net:smile2::smile2::smile2: i didnt think i would ever hear the end of it from all the neighbors and my parents. But now it seems like the net just opens all on its own. Good luck and keep practicing

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    There are some great threads in the library that have pointers, I throw mine one of a couple ways depending on what net size I am using and how much room I have to throw!

    You will get it... it is an art and once learned you won't forget...