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Cass River

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Quoted from Sparky Larson, July 7, 2005:

" For the past couple of weeks, I've been fishing the cass, right at the city park in Caro. I've been having some pretty good luck.
I usually catch 2 or 3 on an outting. I have been fishing the day light hours mostly. I lost a ten or twelve pounder three days ago. I think I just had him hooked lightly in the corner of the mouth, cause after a min. or two he got off.
I was fishing with a fella I met there, he had been fishing all night long, He had six nice cats on a stringer and an 18" large mouth. He was using some kind of stink bait that gave a different meaning to stink!!!!!!!!!
He said he had a 12lb. cat on the string, but forgot to latch the hook, and it got off. Bumber!
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