Cass River Fishing

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  1. Sparky Larson

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    Marlette Michigan
    This morning at 8:40am HearKitty (Don) calls and says lets go fishing. By (9:30am) we were in his boat heading east on the Cass River by Caro.
    We went up river from the boat launch about 2mi. looking for some deep holes, so we could fish them on the way back. We found some good ones too. The fishing wasn't the greatest, but I caught two nice cats about 2lbs.

    Hey Vic, that hole we fished in by the bridge is 10 to 11 feet deep. The hole in the park we fished is 11 to 12 foot deep. That walk you went on down river where that metal bridge is. That hole is better than 13ft deep.

    We went all the way down river to the dam, but had no luck fishing, but got a better look at the river from a fishing stand point of view. It's hard to believe the fish weren't biting. It was overcast, with a little rain mixed in. Water temp was good , air temp was great, company was fantastic. I don't know, maybe the fish were napping.LOL
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    Here is one of the two fish cought today but they cant hide for ever

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