Cass River at frankenmuth in Michigan

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  1. hear_kitty

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    Vassar Mi
    Sparky suckers should start any time. Now it just wating for the water to go down a little.
  2. Sparky Larson

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    Marlette Michigan
    I talked to my sister yesterday, and she said the river was pretty high there.
    It won't take long.

  3. Catfishing_MI

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    I do recall I took about 15 minutes to land a fish in the Cass River at the park where the Volkslaugh(?) competition starts out each year.

    I saw a few joggers but gave them no heed. I hooked into a fish and man I never struggled for so long and as hard for any other fish before. When I finally got it landed I heard a big round of applause and looked over my shoulder behind me to see a wall of joggers applauding. Guess they were impressed. Once it was weighed I yelled out "It's 25 pounds!" and another round of applause arose from the crowd. One person asked what I was going to do with that big fish. I replied "Put it back so some other kid can have as much fun as I did". Too bad it was a carp. :sad:

    I was born and raised in Saginaw. Did a lot of fishing - mostly for cats in the Saginaw River and some of the small ponds just off the river. Even enjoyed fishing the Bay City area for cats at the park and near one of the bridges.

    Been many a year since I did any fishing. Last time I bought a license I used it once and caught a pike I had to throw back. (sure didn't pay to buy that license). I've kept all my poles and tackle all these years and just bought a rig just for cats. Its a 7 foot medium fast action Shimano Stimula spinning rod with a Shimano AX-4000FA spinning reel. I used to use by bass rig (Garcia 5000D baitcasting reel and BigStick rod) for everything - well since I didn't have access to a boat I didn't get much bass fishing in after I got out of the military in 1980.

    Got another hobby that will go well with catfishing. I metal detect on land and in the water - up to my chest. Will be getting double duty out of the chest waders from now on. Might even find the lost tackle to add to my tackle box.

    Just ran across this group and want to keep up with the goings on in catfishing in Michigan. So hello to you all and may we all have a great year of fishing for cats. (Channel cats are my favorite).

    Lansing, MI
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    Ithaca, MI
    Welcome Thomas!

    Im not too far from you, if you're in Lansing. I work in St Johns and live in Ithaca.

    I fish mostly the maple for flatheads, but I do make a few pilgrimmages elsewhere to meet other BOC guys, share a few kind words by a fire, crack a few refreshments when safe and necessary, and REALLY REALLY am a big fan of this website.

    If you would like, you're welcome to look me up any time. I love catfishing, and believe that this group of BOC guys here in this state are truly wonderful men. We are all different in our histories and lives, but the little bond we have in our favorite fish brings us together a few times each year- and hen it happens I have yet to be disappointed.

    Any BOC member has an open seat on my boat, and a bratworst waiting for em on my fire. And thats not just talk.

    Welcome to the BOC, and to the michigan group of guys and girls from here. I look forwards to meeting you on the riverside some day.

    Sal Palombo Jr. :)
  5. Catfishing_MI

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    Don't know how much longer we will be in the Lansing area. Once we sell the house we hope to move north. My Mother-in-law lives in Roscommon (and has Alzheimers) and my Dad is in Sanford and just lost his wife of 46 years so trying to get up that way to be available for them. Glad cats aren't limited to just a few water holes in this state. Not sure where exactly we'd settle down - guessing someplace in between the two towns - but near water LOL.

    A guestion maybe you guys can enlighten me on. Got my license this morning and see in the booklet the new rule is: It is unlawful to fish on a river, stream or drowned river mouth "using a weight suspended below any hook unless the hook is on a dropper line (a leader) that is at least 3" long."

    For many years I just tied the sinker to the end of the line and attached two hooks on the line above the sinker. Didn't use a leader. Figured the fewer things on the line would make for a better, stronger connection between rod and fish. (No swivels to mess up, no other things like the stand off wires for keeping the bait away from the line, etc.)

    Wonder why they changed that rule. I asked DNR Fisheries and all I got was 'the bass fishermen used to do it that way'. Um, is that a reason?

    I was thinking more in terms of if the sinker could not break loose from the line and a fish was on and the line broke up above the hooks the fish would be snagged with no way to get loose.

    DNR also said to watch weight limits on the rivers and streams. Sheez have things changed since I last fished or what. Guess I better read the rules several times and hit the local bait shop for 'hands on' education just in case. Living in Lansing puts me right at DNR's doorstep and if there are any guys and gals becoming DNR Enforcement Officers they'll be doing their training locally.

    Thanks again for the great welcome. Sure hope the fishing this year is better than my job hunting has been (in 39 years since high school I've had 24 jobs - all lay offs, except 2 quits and once unjustified firing).