Carvin's Cove

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    Went to Carvin's Cove today and didn't do too well. Used crawlers and liver, since that is all you are allowed to use there. Folks said there are a lot of cats in there but you couldn't prove it by me! It doesn't help that you can't fish at night there. Can anyone offer any advice on that place?
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    bedford virginia
    Are you going to where the drive way is and then it runs up into a parking area. and as your going in and get up there theres a dock thats on the right.

    I use to catch cats right by that dock in the early morning hours. more so on a warm day when you can see the gills swiming right out from the dock when you onit.

    This may sound dumb but when i fished it it was about 15 years ago. i remember the area but for some dumb reason cant remember how i get back to it.

    I know i go 460 west and after geting into the edge of roanoke hang a left somewhere thats the part i forgot where i hang the left off 460 to get to it.

    I use to love fishing that area. but the bad thing about it is the fish are very weather picky least little thing will call for not good action out of them. like over cast sky like yesterday was. wind,,

    Liver under a float is what my luck always came on there. i hope this helps and i hope you can hep me find my way back to a lost spot.