Carter Lake Iowa

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    Council Bluffs, Iowa
    Hello Omaha Nebraska,and Council Bluffs Iowa Area.The Channel cats are on Fire at Carter lake.Just finished visiting with Two Fishing Buddies that were cleaning there morning catch(8 nice channels 5 to 8 pounds ea.) they went to the lake to try and catch some crappie and were using large minnows under a float 2FT. and the channels were hammering them, they were fishing with there ultra lite tackle and were broke off several times the 4 pound test and light rods couldn't handle the larger cats,I think as the water is warming up in the lake they are starting to stage for the spawning,the lake is around 66 degrees, its a shallow lake average depth is some where around 6ft. with some deeper if Your looking for some eater channels get Your hind ends down there and put some in the freezer,Take the Kids along and get Um Hooked on catfishing.Good Luck. Later J.D.
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    all i get outta Carter lake is carp and bullhead lol...i have got a few bass on catfish worms with stink bait but nothin much..lmao

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    I thought that lake was full of jet fuel:crazy: