Cars we drove

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  1. Ol Man

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    Maybe a couple of you "old farts" remember some of these...
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  2. 223reload

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    The link dont work for me ,Jeb . But I have only owned three cars in my life ,although a ton of trucks . I wish I still had my 74 torino 2 door ,that was a slick ride for a teenager ,and she was fast too.

  3. Flintman

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    OKC, OKLA.
    Hey Jeb, thanks for the ride down memory lane. I had a 1947 Ford, a 51 Chevy, 53 Ford, and 69 Torino fast back. My favorite was in the early 80's, I bought a 68 Mustang. GOOD TIMES !
  4. avitem1949

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    Good job on attaching the video. Thanks!!! As I watched it, I found myself singing along... What is really COOL!!! is that I remembered most of the words--even to Thunder Road!!! My brother bought an old fashion 'service station' in 1959 when I was turning 10, I think he cut my finger, poured oil in the cut and I have been in the business ever since!! I now supervise techs doing fire truck and emergency vechicles in Columbus, Ohio---NO I am NOT a Buckeye as I grew up in Saginaw , Michigan. Thanks again fir the link.
    Howard M.
  5. jason454ci

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    Zanesville, Ohi
    Long, long before my time guys. But I still love them old hot rods. Sure beats the heck out of these little compact cars with a big muffler stuck on them. Kids these days I tell ya. :big_smile:
  6. Arkansascatman777

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    Thanks for posting Jeb, those were some sharp looking cars and trucks.
  7. badkarma

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    In 1969 when I was 16 years old I talked my Mom into cosigning on the note for a Dodge Corrnet 500.Yellow two door hard top,black bucket seats shift in the floor and I held my head so high I thought no one could touch me.That was way to much car for a 16 year old but mom didn't know a thing about cars.That car was stock just like it came off the lot but no one running stock ever out run it in the 1/4 mile,it wouldn't do but 110 mph but it would do it well with in a 1/4.Yeah I wrecked it in 71 but it was because it was on a dark rainy foggy night and not me driving fast.
  8. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    40 Chrysler
    Two 48 Chrysler's
    51 Ford pickup
    55 Chevy
    56 Dodge Panel wagon
    56 Pontiac Star Chief
    57 Pontiac Star Chief
    57 Chevy 210 Wagon
    58 Chevy Belaire
    61 Chevy Impala
    62 Chevy Impala
    63 Chevy II
    67 Mustang Convertible
    67 Chevy SS

    Why didn't I have enough sense to keep them around, I could retire.
  9. bluejay

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    Napoleon, Mo.
    Like kutter I actually owned 10 of the cars in the pics in the vid. Sure brought back a lot of memories. And yes I wish I had kept them now.Stiil hit the nostalgic drag races in N Mo. now and then. Thanks!!
  10. rosscatman

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    SW Ohio
    My first car was a turtle green 67 mustang man I loved that car.But then I got the mopar bug.Had a 73 and then a 74 dodge challengers with 340's in them.
  11. jim

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    Jacksonville NC
    I owned a lot of them over the years for sure.I had a 51-52 pickup and a 51, I want to say plymouth but cant remember.What I do remember is that the heater in that car was under the dash on the passenger side and actually ran on gasoline!!!!!!!Yep it made a hellacious sound when it lit off.Try putting one of those in todays green mobiles.My favorites were a 67 Mustang fastback,which was the first year the fastback went all the way to the trunk.Candy Apple Red with a black racing stripe,289 with 4 bbl and 4 speed tranny, black leather interior.It was a 'Noooky" wagon for sure.Got in a lot of stoplight to stoplight races with 396 Chevelles.Lots of good looking girls had those and in a fair fight they could whup me easy,but I had faster reflexes and could get away from the light quicker.Great car!!!! My other favorite was a 72 Opel GT also red ,4 speed and a real drivers car.Ran some minor road races with it and it drove like a dream AND got 30 MPG way back then.My Mother in Law loved that little car and I could usually get out of the dog house by leting her drive it.!!LOL:wink::cool2:Now its a classic and I wish I still had it.They only made those for three years, sold evry single one of them and then quit making them.Go figure!!!:smile2:
  12. dafin

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    I owned several of the cars in the vid.
    30 model A , Chevy powered
    51 Chevy 4 door, hated it
    51 ford , with a 53 Mercury flat head V8
    51 ford , with a 270hp corvette 283
    55 Chevy 2 door post
    55 Chevy 2 door ht
    62 Impala ss 327 4spd
    66 Impala ss396 4spd
    67 Impala ss 427
    68 chevell ss 396 4spd
    69 Elcomano ss 396 4spd
    71 Buick grand sport 455 stage 1
    It was a good time to growup


    Thanks for the video I really enjoyed it.

  14. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR
    Growing up in Chattanooga, I didn't know many my age that had their own cars, much less hot rods. I was halfway through college before I got my first car, a 1955 Ford rustbucket from Cleveland, Ohio, where my dad worked. I owned a couple of '55 Fords, and I bought a VW just before I went into the Air Force, but the first really nice car I owned was a '65 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible with a 390. Run about 150mph. When I got rid of it, I bought a '69 Roadrunner.
  15. r ward

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    Kathleen G
    Waaaa I miss the days of the Hot Rod built and driven by the same one
  16. catman73

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    Lawrence Kansas
    God Bless the MOPAR Men!!!! Here is my little baby. She aint all pretty but sjes mine and she is fun. Thats all that matters. Someday she will be like I want her.

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  17. zappaf19

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    I bought a 66 chevy van when I was 16 and put in a 427 LT1 with tri power. Had to run 2 radiators in sieries to keep it cool and I sat on the alternator. (Under driver seat) Gas was 34 cents per gallon. Oh for those days way back when.
  18. luckey wade

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    1959 chevy 4 door for sale with v8.
    send me a pm if you want to know more!! belair
  19. Catcaller

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    Was before my time too. I wasn't born until 1969.

    I remember seeing lots of those old cars and trucks on the road when I was a kid in the early seventies tho.

    My dad had an orange GTO Judge...I barely remember riding in it when I was about 3 years old...he used to scare me to death.(Thanks for jogging that memory)

    Another familiar thing I saw in the video was Route 66. I drive on a section of Route 66 nearly EVERY single monday thru saturday when I go to work and come home of a morning.

    I like to drive the old highway so I can see some wildlife and cross spring river...there's usually a flock of turkeys or a few deer to scope out as I go to get my shift over with.

    The old Rainbow bridge over by nearby Baxter Springs is famous. I've also met the guy who can turn his feet around backwards. (Looks painful)

    Thanks for the link...there were some SWEET rides in it...the music was fitting too.

    Makes me miss my '84 Mustang GT I had when I was a senior in couldn't have a beverage between your legs when you rode in that car without it spilling in your lap.

    It got to be a form of entertainment after a while...Lol. :wink:
  20. kat in the hat

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    Here's a crappy pic of the car I drove in highschool. Sheila thinks it was the ugliest car on Earth lol.

    A brief history. It's a '73 Chevy Nova. I got the car for free for my birthday from my boss. It was a total rust bucket, but had a fresh 400 small block. It was hand painted maroon over that mustard gold color. Floor pans, and trunk were rusted through. The trim down the side was gone, so it had a real pretty gold stripe down the side.:smile2: It's only endearing trait was that it was quiet, and very fast. My uncle was a retired body man, so I sent it to him for several months to get a make over. Also installed new heavy duty SS suspension, and emblems., and dual exhaust. So, no it was not an SS.

    Needless to say, I drove the crap out of that car. Drag racing, and the whole bit. Went through three motors. The 400, a 327, and a 350. Finally, after it broke down the last time, and sat for a few years, a friend talked me out of it for $1500. He swapped engines, and had it on the road the next day. A few months later, he crashed it rat racing, and that was the end of it's life.:sad2:

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