Carry a Knife! A catfish trot-liner must!

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Catmaster, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. Catmaster

    Catmaster New Member

    SE Kansas
    I just wanted to reminde anyone who is setting trotlines to always carry a quickly accessable Knife. I had a scare last spring. My boating partner and I were not communicating right and he turned on the trolling motor before I was past the trotline. I was not paying attention and the line wraped around my leg and I fell into a submerged brush pile only 1' below the water. I was deep enought in it that my head was below the water. I had my knife in hand and cut myself loose from the line that was tangled on my leg tangled in the brush. I only had one very bad cut on my arm. This only happend in a period of about 30 seconds but it was long enough to scare me. Now I carry a Knife in a strap around my shin. I think you trotliners should do the same.
  2. Baitkiller

    Baitkiller New Member

    Akron, Ohio

    Alot of our waterways have barge & boat ropes, 20# mono & 50-65# super lines in them. IF ya fall in you may need a knife ON YOU TOO!! I don't want to lose any brother catmen so plz ;) !

  3. lawnman61

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    Fort Worth, Tex
    I always carry a knife on me while fishing , no matter what. I'm also a knife dealer for Jim Frost knives. They also sell them for a very good price on ebay.
  4. BullDaddy

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    Bossier City, La.
    I may forget to bring this or that when I load up to go fishing, but a knife isn't one of them. I have one on me, in the boat, and in both of my tackle boxes. I also carry a change of clothes in a waterproof bag in case I do fall in. It is a long and miserable ride back to the truck when you are soaking wet in the middle of winter.
  5. TeamCatHazzard

    TeamCatHazzard New Member

    I always carry a knife on my side anyways 24/7 but yea it is a good idea to carry one. That was a close call catmaster, Im glad you came out of it ok though. Speaking of knives though I think I need to get a new one because mine prolly wouldnt cut 2lb mono its as dull as a butter knife so I will have a new one before the season, which starts friday for me!
  6. beeheck

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    Iowa / Missouri
    I carry a multi-tool but after reading that I think I'll carry a straight blade to just in case. It would take me a long time to open my tool and try to determine which one was the knife blade while being held underwater by a rope. We all need to learn from ones close encounters so we don't become a statistic, thanks Catmaster.
  7. Flamekeeper

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    Louisville, Ken
    I can say I'm glad to hear from you this day, I,ve never had anything happen like that at all.
    I was walking through the woods one day scouting around the edge of a feild,and all of a sudden a snake raised up just like you see them cobras do on TV,bro,s every hair on my body stood on edge:eek:.Man this thing was about 6-7' long and his head was 2 1/2 -3' from the ground:frk-big: .My first instincts was to grab my knife from my side.This snake would move as soon as I did, just like he was watching every move I made. So I just threw the knife at it,just missing its head it stuck him thru the body about 20" back pinning it to the ground.he went wild on my knife and I liked to never got it back. But after holding its head down with a limb, i pulled it out and let let loose of the limb and this snake took off like a bullet .I couldn't beleive it .It went under a deadfall and I never seen it again. I was glad to have my knife that day,but there for awhile I didn't think I was going to get it back.Didn't know what kind a snake it was ,I really couldn't care at the time he was gone,:grin-big:

    So was I !,He He
  8. Doyle

    Doyle New Member

    I always have two or three knives in the boat, one in my back pocket, and at least three in the bottom of the lake. Those in the lake aren't of much use tho.
  9. peewee williams

    peewee williams New Member

    Please carry a knife where you can reach it with either hand,and the kinds that you can open with one hand.I have been hung up on a limb line,alone,no life jacket,and only my knees holding me in the boat,which was pulling against the current.I barely reached my open knife to cut myself loose.STUPID,I was.peewee-williams
  10. bigsammy

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    Poteau ok
    Thanks pee-wee,Itoo carry a knife when fishin at all times.I've heard of a fella that was runnin a snag line full of big fish in about 10-15ft of water.He got a hook in the hand and went under.He wore a knife and was able to cut free.In addition he now wears a lifejacket when runnin his lines.Makes ya think about smoe things!
  11. ozzy

    ozzy New Member

    Lost Wages
    New to this board, first post. I've carried a knife since I was born. Spyderco Rescue, there ain't no better. Slim design, lightweight, pocket clip, serrated, what more could you ask for?
  12. SangamonCatKiller

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    central illinois
    I don't trotline but, you can be gauranteed to find a knife on my person some where if i'm fishing.
  13. TDawgNOk

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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    I never go ANYWHERE without my pocket knife, nor do I go camping without a lockback that I can open easily one handed. Went to Six Flags in Texas last year, they tried to tell me that I couldn't carry my knife in. Stepped out, slipped it in my shoe, went back in.
  14. photocat

    photocat New Member

    HOCO, Maryland
    There are always multiple knifes on and around me when fishing. I carry my pocket knife 24/7 but also have 2 fillet knifes with me (one in bag, on on belt) and a fixed blade knife on my belt as well when im out fishing usually... sometimes even more pocket knifes and/or fillet knifes
  15. 1sporticus

    1sporticus Active Member

    I have one stuck into a rib on the side of the boat, when fishing at the dam, sometimes the anchor gets caught and you don't have time to get it unstuck when they raise the gates, I actually saw a friends boat being pulled down in the front before he cut the anchor rope. So there is a knife right there handy just for that purpose, I just hope I'll never have to use it.