Carpenter Ants

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by randallewis, Sep 25, 2007.

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    Louisiana --Shreveport
    We have a camp on the Sabine River w/ about 25 big oak trees. The ants are in just about everyone of them. I've sprayed with just about everything people tell me about and they keep coming back. They can kill a tree in two to three years. Anybody else with these ants?
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    Here in Minnesota they are our termites. We had them bad in our last house. We found 3 active nests in the house which required a lot of wood removal including subfloor, floor, siding and patio door. First thing you need to do is find the nest. Killing the ones around you will do no good. We found the next and then got rid of the water problem. We then used a product I believe was called ant be gone or bug be gone. I cant remember. It supposidly works for 6 months after the application. I have read and you can google boric acid. I have heard this stuff works as well. Good Luck

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    i dont know about the ants as much...
    but i run a pressure treated wood plant in mobile. you know prevents rot, decay, mold, and insects etc.
    one of the treatments we use is borate. it is designed for indoor use to repell termites both formosan and non-formosan and also some of the larger wood roaches. its a relatively harmless chemical to humans and it comes in a powder form (dont drink it or snort it though). i am not sure what kind of effect it would have on a living tree, but it is water soluble and the treated lumber version is not used outdoors, because the borate will wash out and loose its potency. borate-or-borax is a very common ingredient in household products such as laundry detergent.
    like i said i dont know how well it would be suited for what you are doing, but it might be worth researching.
    another thing to consider is your local foresrty dept. either with the state or private co. they make thier living by "farming" saving, growing, and harvesting tree's. i am sure someone would have a pretty good solution for you.

    hope it helps
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    Best thing I have found for any kind of an ant problem is a 50/50 mix of bleach and water. Find the nest, and SOAK it. I mean dump a gallon of the stuff on it. They will be gone in short order.

    Heck, tracking ants back to the nest is so easy, even a caveman, or DH could do it.
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    I'll pour straight clorox on fireant hills that pop up inbetween those times I spray the entire yard with poison.

    Best time to go after ants is in the fall. Beat em up real good right before it gets real cold.
    It particularly works well for fireant populations.

    Something else to research is poisons that are bait versus poison that is a contact poison.
    Never had deal with carpenter ants.
  6. Dano

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    What I call Carpenter Ants are those big black ants.
    They are different than termites.
    Dont know why they call them C. Ants. They destroy not build. LOL
    They got into my camper and now I think their the only thing holding my camper together.
    My wife buys a flea spray called Bengal full season flea killer plus. Its safe for inside use is what it says. They also make one safe for dogs when we can find it. both works good on any insect. It kills them quick. Bees, all ants, flies, roaches , it works on all of them.
    it worked for me on Carpenter Ants. There was a place I couldnt get to so I fogged it up ( between walls ) with that spray and later they was coming out everywhere and dieing off real quick. I ended up sprayin in all the tight spots and it worked for me. After that I put ant poison around all building now and then just to be safe and that seems to work.