Carp VS bass pole

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by BigNate111, Oct 18, 2005.

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    St. Marys, OHIO
    went over to Ft Larmie lake in ohio and have been doing pretty good over there. well went fishing with my cat rig and then i didnt have a second pole a buddy was borrowing it so i desided to rig up my Rhino MED-Heavy 7ft bass pole and rig it just like i did my cat rod. i put 30lb test line on (spiderwire) and all the sudden got something HUGE on...never had a fight like that. well as im getting it in closer im noticing orage when it comes up so of corse its a carp well this carp was over 20lbs and i muscled it to shore with that little bass rod..was proud of it. then my buddy and me threw it back in and then he said you should have kept it and turned the pic into ohio game magizine..then my head went down and just started to rehook my shad as fast as i could...good time biggest carp i have ever buddy took a picture of it on his camera phone but it didnt turn out to good.....thought i would share that story
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    Well sounds like you did alright then. If you dont catch a cat, its usually a carp. Too bad about that picture though.

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    Hi there Big Nate. I had a similiar experience eariler this summer around June. Had two poles myself an old 8 foot shimano surf rod with an old shimano reel and my 6'6" medium light shimano bass rod. I baited the 8 foot rod with just plain old corn and just left it there as i fished with my other rod. My fishing buddy noticed my rod was tipping over and grabbed it just in time. We thought it was just a large extra fiesty channel. As we pulled it from the water and i saw i the mouth i new it was a carp. This was hurge carp as we pulled about three feet of the fish up snap my knot gave out and we lost the fish.
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    ft larmie is full of carp and decent cat , next time you go there and want to catch carp try wheaty balls or canned corn!!
    they have cat tournaments there once a month on saturday , i haven`t heard anything yet but i know that they are having them.
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    Carp are a lot of fun to catch!! Good luck!:big_smile: