Carp....the other Fertilizer!

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    thought it would share this since planting season is coming up, have a feeling i will get bashed by the "Carp Guys".
    ive been gardening for about 6 years now, planting mostly tomato's, peppers, and cucumbers.
    last year i became a Home owner for the first time and quickly planted a small garden with tomato's, peppers, and cucumbers. since there was no previous garden in the yard i had to start from scratch getting the soil good and fertilized. at years end i found Carp to out perform dead bait, fish guts, and yes MIRACLE Grow! in late April, a couple days before planting the garden i decided to go and "spear" some carp in a flooded backwater of the GMR for fertilizer. i only got 5 that day and burried them alongside 2 of my tomato plants. i had a total of 5 "big boy" plants 2 of which had carp and 3 i used miracle grow on. by late August the 2 plants with carp ended up being OVER 8ft tall and produced 3 times the 'maters the 3 others did. i couldnt give tomato's away fast enough! i heard about "carp fertilizer" a long time ago from a friend of my Grandmother but never tried it until '08. below are pics of the plants that eventually grew 8ft, actually almost 9' by Mid Sept when the Ike widstorm broke them.), i stand 6'1 and am holding up the top of the plant and beleive they were 7-1/2 at that time. wish now i would have taken a pic of the 3 others (grew to about 4-1/2 to 5ft) for comparison. now, where did i put that spear.......

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    Lost Wages
    CarpBuster you wll be known as!!!!

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    How much other garbage did you add to the ground... Any of those carp have 3 eyes.....I wonder if heavy metals would go from the carp [ if there was an eating adviserary] and go to the tomato's or if it could////would??

    On Clear Lake in LaPorte they have a weed mower,, he unloads on a tandom flatbed,,, I would love to have that for the garden.

    Folks,,, just using pond water rather than well water will make a huge difference on a garden.

    Great Idea with the Fish
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    We used drum take one about 8 to 10 lbs dig the hold and throw in it. We would allow the drum to lay there with out dirt, (Cover with a board to keep stuff out of them) for 2 days then bury them half way. Still using the board to cover the hole.
    Plant the plants over each. Man did they ever grow. Here you can eat fish
    so No eating adviserary here on fish. But we also would clean out the horse barn each fall. 4 or 5 horses all the time. Pile all that into a pile. Allow it to go through a heat. Then spread that over the garden and turn it under that spring. Now that does great also. We never had to add store bought stuff to that garden. And it always had a bumper crop for us.
    Theres lots of ways to make a garden grow like crazy and not have to wonder if what your adding is doing harm to your body.
    Glad to see a post like this.
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    Pete, the only additive I ever add to the garden is horse manure. The stable I get it from, is glad to let me take all I want, which in some years equals 15+ pickup loads. The way they stack it, what they give out to us gardeners is at least 8 months old. Sometimes it is still smoking hot temp wise, but is well past the heat chemical wise. By the time I spread it around the plants it has never hurt them. I have been known to spread it 6 inches or more thick. Sometimes I wonder about meds & such that have been given to the horses, but would have no way to know if that is capable of being a problem with gardens. I have learned though to NEVER use landscape timbers or RR ties around a garden. Lot's of bad stuff WILL get into the plants from them.

    I must mention I do add bug dust on the beans to keep the rabbits away, but that's only because it's the only thing I have found that will work. My rabbits love eating hot pepper mist covered bean leaves.
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    I started a garden and got all the free horse manure I could use. I put a bunch on the garden and shoveled it under. This wasn't real fresh stuff, but I sure got weeds now. I had hoped it was composted well enough to kill all the weeds but it wasn't. I'm glad its workin for you.
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    you know the indians use to put fish in with their plants, I guess a lot of people overlook the the simple things, way to go they looked real good, hope you get a lot of carp and a real bumper crop this year :wink: