Carp Tablefare

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    Now before ya'all start yelling yuck try this!!!

    1. 1 big old carp or 3 or 4 5 pounders
    2. fillet out leave skin on!!
    3. put on racks and let ice drip down thru them overnight skin side down
    4. Make you a salt brine to float a egg , to brine put in brown surgar, and whatever seasonings you like set aside
    5. cut up carp fillets in about 1 inch wide strips. trim off the skinny parts so all your filets are about the same.
    6. stir up your brine and add filets reposition them every hour so they all get soaked good
    7. after 4 hours remove and rinse thouroughly, then rinse again
    8. set on racks to dry with a fan blowing on them you will see a film develope on them dont remove till you do!!! Most important part!!!
    9. now you can smoke them in bbq or put them in oven to cure
    10. make sure the first hour is at about 160-180 to kill off any bacteria
    11. then lowerer heat to about 140-150 after 3-4 hours take a gander at them with your eyes should have nice crust developed if not leave a little longer. Now you got some good eating!!!
    12. if you are using a smoker dont go overboard on smoke because of the oil they will absorb lots of smoke!!
    try this and yeah might get hooked on carp!!!:smile2: