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Discussion in 'Carp Fishing' started by dylan543, May 26, 2008.

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    Hey everyone..There is a small creek about 3 miles from my house i drive my 4 wheeler there and catch some bullhead when i am bored and set turtle traps..well the other day i went here to catch some bullhead for turtle bait and i saw about 2 carp jump down a ways..Does anyone know ways i can catch them? my bro told me just take a long thin hook and put corn on it and throw it out..
  2. DrJ

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    A kernal of corn on a small hook will work wonders for you

  3. Carp King

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    That would be a good bait to use for those carp. Use a baitholder hook so you can keep the corn on the hook when casting long distances and for more strenght when fighting the fish. A thin hook may bend when fighting a decent carp so use a baitholder hook to improve your odds of catching one. A size 6 or 4 hook should do it. Good fishing and tight lines.
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    Toss a handful or two of corn out in the area where your baited hook landed. This will help alot. Carp find the corn scattered around the bottom and start feeding and searching for more. When they find your baited hook they dont even think about it, they just suck it up and run. Dont be afraid to use a large hook. Carp get big! I use a circle hook about the size of a quarter and cover it completely with corn kernals threaded onto it. I use around 20 or so kernals on the hook. When they get drawn into your chum area and start grazing they are not the least bit shy about sucking up a big string of them. I would say good luck but you dont need that. Carp are easy to catch so I'll just say Have Fun!
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    Corn works good. Make sure you use a little hook but make sure its a strong hook that wont bend or break. There is also carp bait that you can pick up at any bait shop or even wal mart. Make sure your drag is set on your reel because those carp will put up a fight like you wouldnt believe!!

    If you dont have luck with corn or doughbait. Try a worm. Ive caught more carp on worms than anything.
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    get a box of wheaties breakfast cereal and a bottle of strawberry crush pop. make your self a dough ball it will get very sticky and consistancy is controlled by the amount of strawberry soda you use. get your self a size 6 treble and roll a ball of wheaties around the hook. use enough to cover the hook but not an excessive amount. use i light split shot for weight and cast near the school but not directly into them. they will find the bait. try it you'll like it.