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Discussion in 'Carp Fishing' started by stinkbaitman, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. stinkbaitman

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    south dakota
    how many people here actually like carp? i think they are very fun to catch. but people shouldnt try to keep them around because they are invesive fish and overpopulate in lakes. common carp arent as bad as bighead silver or grass carp but ther all kinda bad fish for our waters. what do you think?
  2. catfishtonyd

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    I like to catch them because they hit hard and fight hard. I usually put out a line for them when I am catfishing. I didn't know that they could overpopulate a lake though. Thanks for the info.

  3. catfish chaser

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    miamisburg, oh
    I live to catch carp, they put up a great fight
  4. HOPPY4

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    Waldorf MD
    Carp fishing is GREAT! I Enjoy it Very Much. I have been targeting Carp since 1995 on a regular basis. They are Fighters and I Love the Challange of getting them to bite different baits with different presentations. The species should have it's status changed from Trash Fish to GAME Fish in all U.S. States. We have one of the largest populations of Wild Carp in the world. These fish are fould in almost every state in this country. They are well worth the effort to fish for as they give you a Work Out for your time. JMHO!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. kkyyoottee

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    If done right they taste as good as salmon if not better!! In smoker they are excellent!!! :smile2:
  6. mcwrestler

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    Carp are very prolific spawners, but in clear water conditions the bass eat tons of them as they are visual predators. They do not target fish eggs, although some may be taken in during feeding. The do cause turbidity (particles in the water column) but not even close to the extent of bull heads. Grass Carp are even better than commons. They are not a problem in any way. Bighead and silver carp are in a different boat. Grass carp aren't truly carp, they are White Amur and cause little disturbance to a water. Many of them are sterile and it was intended for them all to be sterile but nature has it's way in the end. Carp have been here long enough that they are basically native. The greatest fighter there is in freshwater as far as drag blazing runs go in my opinion. I exclusivly target carp and look forward to a day they are turned to game fish.
  7. ateamfisherman

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    if carp is your game i guess they are already a game fish.thanks just kidding
  8. tofish

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    stinkbaitman. before you go farther on this site, i suggest you do some research about carp. just google the name and go from there. you could and probably will be suprised on what you will learn.
    do i like carp? yes. i was raised in family though that believe carped was only good for the fight and then for fertilizer. since i learned more, i've ate a few, and love to fish for them.
  9. Love Them Cats

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    Vinita, Oklahoma
    I don't target Carp, but I do catch a few while fishing for cat's.
    They are a blast to catch and if you get one big enough, they are good eating?

  10. BKS72

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    East of KC
    I kind of feel sorry for the common carp. They're fun to catch, not bad eating if they're filleted and scored, and they make good bait. I turn them loose if I have enough bait, but otherwise they're usuallly put on a hook. That's why I feel sorry for them.
  11. Pat Kelly

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    Sorry but this is BS promoted by carp advocates and I'm gonna disagree give a more balanced perspective. Carp are classified as an invasive exotic in USA by all scientific parties since they alter habitat through their feeding, disruption of vegetation, prolific breeding, competition with native fish... Last year the Midwest held a Conference re a national plan for carp control. Yes, where there are high predator levels (including human predation) carp populations are kept in better control and can live in better balance with their aquatic neighbors. Newly stocked grass carp nowadays are sterile due to excessive habitat damage problems but for many years reproducing diploid fish were released...thats why we have reproducing populations and huge-sized catches...sterile ones don't reach huge sizes. No damage? Grass carp of all types are BANNED in Maryland due to fear of diploid specimens damaging aquatic grass restorations. Common carp are NOT recommended for stocking due to their water muddying and habitat alteration tendencies. Common carp have "naturalized", NOT native...but a damaging naturalized exotic is ALWAYS an exotic introduced species. In many places common carp should be removed due to their high biomass and to benefit the aquatic ecosystem. The latest wave of introduced carps from ASIA are in the same carp family, and in time will naturalize as well. They have potential to due MUCH damage early in this game...same as common carp did to new environments shortly after their introduction in the 1800's...Sorry MC...just the truth here and I do this stuff for a living.

    THAT SAID, common carp DO have wonderful sporting qualities and are a BLAST on hook n line. I fish for them almost exclusively (w/much expensive and techy Euro gear but you don't need that stuff to catch carp) but don't sugarcoat the fish one bit. More people should fish for them; catch to keep for whatever utilization is best (not tossed on the bank!)...this is what DNR's, American Fisheries Society etc desire but C&R is a personal decision if thats your thing.