Carp on my trotlines

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Catmaster, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. Catmaster

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    When I set trotlines I usually check them about 3-4 times a night. After the sun comes up I will check and reset them and leave them for about half the day. Something I have never realy noticed is how weired it is to be catching carp on lines that I set with live bait. I thought that carp were herbivors. Is there any explanation of why they are eating live bait?
  2. catmanofohio

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    Wow fist time i heard of that

  3. vlparrish

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    I caught a 30 lb carp a few years ago on a crawfish. I also caught a 40lb carp on cutbait in my local hot water discharge last fall. I have caught several carp on crappie minnows and jigs especially in the spring. They are fish of opportunity and will eat anything when hungry. Vern
  4. dinkbuster1

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    two times i have seen the same freind catch a carp on a live gill! yeah i know, but i seen it with my own eyes! one was while fishing on the bottom, so it could have been where craws ate most of the gill and the carp ate what was left. now the other one was while fishing with a floater 6ft deep over a 20ft hole, now that was a mind blower!:eek: :D
  5. treddinwater

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    I've hooked up with several carp before on crawlers and minnows. A buddy of my Dad's caught a real nice one on a crawfish one time and even caught a nice one on a crankbait, not snagged either, he went for it.
  6. D_Weezy

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    I can tell you that in Tappan lake when you have a shad die-off in the summer, carp will come to the surface and eat the dead shad. I have caught them on small Pradco minnow imitation baits at these times. When the Locust were out heavily years back, I was using an agitator with about 3ft of line and a fly-fishing bass popper to catch them off of the surface. I have seen them caught many times on minnows while fishing for crappie. They will sometimes eat whatever is convenient.
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    Wow, I think I'd try to extend my fishing trip... unhook those bad puppies from the trotline and re-hook them with a BIG hook. No way of telling what you'd get, but if a big blue, flathead or JAWS came by, you'd be into some fun.
  8. Gone fishin 4 kittys

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    Maybe try using circle hooks. I think it is almost impossible to catch a carp a circle hook. Carp won't eat shad and bluegill do they? What kind of Bait where you using?

  9. Ed1

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    I Have caught carp on carp cutbait but never caught one on a live minnow
  10. photocat

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    carp are omnivorious(eat both plant and animal). Their diets range from microscopic organisms to smaller fish... Just because most fisherman targeting carp are using corn, boiles and other plantmatter doesn't mean they wont eat alot of other things... i read an article about flyfishing for carp once and they were talking about one of their best flies was a crayfish pattern. I wouldn't put it past them to eat anything... just like channel cats and sharks...

    What kind of live bait are you using? you never really explained that. If your baiting w/ worms then its understandable... crayfish too... but if your using 4-6 inch bluegils then its wierd and time to get one of the underwater camera crews involved from one of the fishing shows... i think alot of people would like to know why and how the carp would be taking a 4-6 inch bluegil...
  11. Mountain Cur

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    I didn't know it was a problem when I caught "ole bugle mouth" on a trot line. Always bait a hook or two just for that purpose. They do make good cut bait and I can spend more time pursueing the fish I'm after rather than catching bait.
  12. delawareriver

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    thank you photocat for that post, i think alot of people were confused about carp.

    carp will definitely eat anything. think of baits that are used to catch them such as bread, corn, dough balls and stuff like that. larger carp definitely love to eat prey though. i fly fish for them in the spring with crayfish, hillgremites, and many nymphs patterns that are found along the river i fish.

    now if your talking about grass carp they are herbivores. i used to have a blast with my fly rod, after a guy would cut the grass along a local pond i would use a flie that looked like a blade of grass that i would tie myself. those fish are hard fighters.
  13. bigfish

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    the last time i went catfishing and was using chicken liver, i caught carp. i aint used chicken liver since.