Carp In The White River

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    Are there carp in the white river? If so what do you use to catch them? Just a curiosity. I am sure there are all kinds of fish in there that I don't know about since the whole river fishing thing is new for me.
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    You can catch carp anywhere along the river. There's certainly no shortage of them. My average out of the White River is in the 12lb range, but my biggest out of there so far is 19lbs. I've seen a few swimming around bridges before which were definitely 20lb+. Give it another week or so and try for them, I was at the river a little over a week ago and they were in spawn mode and wouldn't touch anything. My all time favorite bait for carp on the river is wheaty balls. If your not familiar with the method...take an old sock you have no use for anymore, fill it with wheatys, crush them up really fine in the sock and dip the sock in water. Ring the sock out and dip it again, and ring it out again...ring as much of the water out as possible then let the wheatys sit in the sock in the sun (or just on a dry surface) for a good 20-30 minutes. Take as much of your paste as it takes to cover the entire hook you are using and mold it around the hook. Cast out, and make sure you got that baby anchored down because river carp like to double the rod over when hooked :big_smile:

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    caned sweet corn is the easiest to use. toss a bit out now and then and you will have more carp than you can handle! i have a nother wheatie mix for ya too. crush wheaties fine add enough caned sweet taters to make a thick past kinda dry. then add enough strawberry jello to turn it red. dont add too much jello or it will turn hard and crumbly on you. i keep this in a sealed bowl so it dont dry out. do like sudjested and mold bait around the hook.