Carp in flooded river!

Discussion in 'Carp Fishing' started by Ghosth, Aug 16, 2008.

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    North Dakota
    Red River here in Fargo ND was 2 feet over flood stage yesterday. We ended up at a city park catching carp 2 - 5lbs in 1 - 3 feet of water.

    The main channel was high, wild and rolling. The carp were right up within 3 feet of the waters edge feeding and passing through.

    We caught several on a variety of baits and rigs.

    Best over all, was a double hook rig like a hair rig, only with a second hook to hold the doughball.

    Favored baits were a cornmeal and molassis doughball, canned corn with a dash of vanila, (or both, couple corn kernals high on the shank then a doughball) along with nightcrawlers, and leeches.

    Seems there were taking on everything last night.

    Then about the time the carp quit biting we picked up 3 nice catfish 2 - 4 lbs.

    First time fishing the river flooded like this, and while the action wasn't always fast, it was steady. Three of us fishing and every few minutes someone would either have a bit or a hookup. Lost a couple of bigger fish to do then getting into brush on the edge of the channel.
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    i always thought about fishing the river here when it floods but never did guess my thoughts were why bother it's just to fast and high and muddy, from your post i see i was wrong so i'm gonna have to try it good to see you caught some fish thanks for the post