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Carp for bait

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How are you men catching these small carp? I think of 6"-8" as small for live bait,I heard mud cat talking about carp.I'd like to try them out.Somebody give me the scoop on trapping them.
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I'm with you Mudhole. Where do they find these small carp. I've only been able to catch big ones in my throw nets.
Wish I knew of more places in my area to catch small carp. My fishing partner showed me a spot in Dillon Lake here in Ohio to catch them but it is a good drive for me to catch baitfish unless I am fishing in the area anyway. We catch them on ultralights with chunks of nightcrawlers or kernels of corn and small hooks. They are a nice lively big bait for flats that stay alive and active on the hook for along time. Abu
Well I caught a bunch of little carp tonight. You have to watch out for security and the surveillance cameras though. See Ameristar here in kansas city has a great pond next to the security office. :) Just feed them some canned sweet corn and go have a few beers. Come back and throw the net.
Is that how you got your name :D I'll try the corn and net deal.I've got a few places I can bait.I guess I've never thought of netting carp.I bet a big one can mess a net up,right :confused:
It could be how I got my name.:) The bigger carp don't tear the net up as bad as you would think. I have caught them up to 20 pounds in the net just make sure you get them out of the net nice and easy thats when they would be likely to tear it.
catching mine with a ultra light baited with a piece of sweet corn, I usually get quite a few when I'm seining for crawdaddy's too.
There is a local pond in my area that is infested with carp. It's a city lake that I used to take my kids to fish at and that's when I discovered the carp. It used to kinda piss me off that that's all we could catch outta there. If all you've got is lemons then make lemonade came to mind, I have been throw netting them since. I don't chum, I can get my take in under 15 minutes usually and crawdads galore if I want them.
Individualist, Would that be the lost 80? I think off of stranger Rd.
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhush! What are you, crazy Crazy. :eek: Ok, that place is my ace in the hole for carp bait. I've got another place for gills but they are harder to keep alive than the carp. I've had pretty good luck using carp so far this year and they keep forever. I wish I had a local spot for greenies, I have a lead on that but I need to follow up on it.
Individualist, I can get all the green sunfish you want man. :) I don't live all that far from you soooo you know there's another lead.
Crazy, maybe we can do a bait trade? That would save time for both of us. Might save you a trip to the security office over at the casino?
Found a bunch of carp...looks like 1/2 pound to 2 or 3 pounders laying in the shallows off an island I bowhunt. The waters trickling though and there must be 30-40 of these dudes laying up on the edge. You can see their fins and mouths opening up on top. Maybe I'll use the ol' throw net??? I guess the big ones I can use for cutbait?
I find them at Blackjack's bait house for $7.50 a pound.They run from 3 to 8 inches long.
I'm gonna have to give carp a try. I love a good Catfight!
I don't think so, but they are in the carp family.
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