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    ok, im new to carp fishing but want to get into it and maybe start using one of my 3 rods to try and catch carp with while catfishing (dont worry catfishing is always gunna be my #1 priority in life:tounge_out: ) but i got bord today and decided to find all of the carp recipies i could on the internet and put them together. i used strawberry wheaties, a couple peices or whole grain wheat bread, vanilla extract, a beer, some corn, and few drops of syrup, and to make it real doughy i added some flour. i call it "J.P. HAMBLENS SUPER BAIT" super bait cuz its a combo of a bunch of differnt recipies:tounge_out: not sure if it will work but ill try. also, does anyone else fish for carp? what size/style hooks for 20+ pound carp? normal cat rod and reels(10' mh with 40 pound test)? where to fish for them at? and if anyone post on a carp only forum id like to find one. thanks
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    Carp have relatively small mouths for their size. Even for 20# plus fish, a #2 or 2/0 circle should do fine. Your "superbait" sounds like it will wrok just fine. good luck!

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    sometimes I caught carps on minnow, liver, and nightcrawlers. I caught 16pound carp on minnow.. well I use 4 to 8lbs test line but I am good on that lines but I would say you can get about 10 to 12 lbs line test. I don't care any fishing poles, you can get one. I would say I use medium or medium heavy rod.
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    For the dough bait, keep it simple.
    1. 24oz Wheaties, crushed fine
    2. 12oz can of Strawberry or Pineapple Jumex
    3. Mix and let sit for 15 minutes
    4. Mold onto a hair-rigged spring
    For sweetcorn, I like to drain the can in a bowl. Save the liquid for use in a doughbait. And put the corn in a sealable container, and add about 1-2 tablespoons of maple flavoring. Shake and let sit for 24 hours before using.

    For hooks, I like to use ACS K-9 hook in sizes 2-6, and I also use dropshot hooks from 1/0-8.
    For rods, reels and line, if you have it, go with medium weight bass gear. That way you can enjoy the fight.
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    I have always seem to caught them on just worms and corn. Once I mixed corn in a dough ball and that seemed to work real nice. Dont know if this helps, but dont worry i'm sure a lot of catfishermen fish for other species at times while waiting for the big bite
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    Check your state laws. If it's legal to chum, lure them into open/shallow water with a few hand-fulls of flavored corn. They will find your bait easier. Shallow water could be 2 to 10 feet depending on the contour of the lake or river that you are fishing. +1 with what riverdawg-1 said about the hooks. Long rods will give you more leverage. I use 10 to 12 foot rods. They can be medium to heavy action. You don't have to use heavy line if you have open water or light weeds. 8 to 12 pound line is fine. 8 pound is really fun:big_smile: . A small word of advice, use a good rod holder. Carp hit hard and fast. I have seen more than one rod, fly into the water. If you want a carp only forum try this Check out Wacker Bait & Tackle for supplies.
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    carp fishing is about 75% of all my fishing. i manliy use pack baits and have had all my sucsess with them.i have never cought a carp on corn or anything other than pack. if u want some recipes just shoot me a pm and i will send them to you.
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    Jayson, Listen to this guy, he knows what he's talking about

    Corn, corn, corn!!!

    Chum your spot, use the smallest hook you can get, put a piece or two on it, wait with your baitrunners on, and fight carp.

    Keep it simple