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    Kent, UK
    Hi guys

    I'm in the prosses of potting together some articles for on here in the hope they might help you catch more carp.

    I've spoken to a couple of you in the chat room about what baits we use are available to you and will try to work them around that.

    First one should be ready soon - been snowed under with other work but I did a search on here and when i first joined BOC I did so under the nic of UK Angler, forgot the password etc so hence this nic.

    I wrote a couple of articles back then and those can be found at :-

    Hope these are of some help and will add to this post with new ones soon

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    Kent, UK
    Having had a few chats in the chat room about what baits etc are available to you in the USA I hope the following will help you catch more carp.
    I’ll kick this off with a look at a few baits and how to prepare / use them.
    Little needs to be said about bread - it’s a cheep and easy bait to fish with and will catch fish on the bottom as well as on the surface.

    Particle Baits
    These and others can and do catch plenty of carp, but these do have to be prepared in the correct way.
    (Please note that these times are to be used just as a guide)
    Black Eyed Peas - soak 12-14 hours + 30 min’s boiling time
    Chick Peas - soak 12 hours + 30 min’s boiling
    These can be used whole or crushed and used as an attracter
    Groats - cover with plenty of boiling water and leave over night.
    These make a great cheap way of attracting fish into an area used in pre-baiting.
    Hemp - soak 12 hours + boil until they start to split.
    Hemp can also be brought in pellet form and needs no preparation.
    Maize (whole) - min 24 hours soaking + 30 min boiling.
    Maize can also be brought as crushed and flaked - other then soaking they need no other prep.
    Maple Peas - soak 14 hours + 30 mins boiling
    Tiger Nuts - soak24 hours + 30min’s boiling - then leave in a air tight bucket for 3+ days to ferment.
    These can be used whole on a hair rig or crushed as a loss feed.

    CSL Pellets
    CSL = Corn steep Liquor pellets used as an attractor on their own or with other items.

    Luncheon Meat
    A cheap and easy bait - just cut/tare chunks of and hook
    This comes in powder and liquid form, both great fish attractors.
    Cut into sections makes a great bait.
    An under - rated bait that catches lots of fish.
    Used as like luncheon meat.
    Used straight out of the tin makes a great cheap bait, can be put into a blender , then used in a ground-bait .
    Trout Pellets
    A great bait that can be crushed and used in a ground-bait or in its pellet form on a hair rig.
    One of natures best baits - need I say more!!!

    All the above are proven fish catching baits once prepared, most can also be colored and/or have flavours added to them .
    The trout pellets and CSL pellets once crushed can be made in to a paste by adding egg(s) 9water can be used instead of eggs but the paste will have a fast break down) to form a stiff paste that will stay on the hook .

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    Great summary UK fisherman.

    I also like to fish for carp. Have you ever tried cheese ? I have used several kinds of cheese. Limburger (cats love it too), velveta, and cheder.
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    great post man! very imformative. i also carp fish but i do it usa style lol.its mostly packbait around here and the wild water carp(especilly the buffs) seem to be most intrested in banana nut soybean. here is a recipe for it if any body is intrested

    5 pounds soybean meal
    2 cans creme corn
    1 bottle banana nut flavoring mix soybean and creame corn together and add flavoring, blend well with hands.if it is acting like it does not want to pack add a little flour,and there u have it,ready to fish. pack around a corn or suger pop and catch a bigun.
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    Hi 'UK

    Nice articles. I fish carp predominently UK style and get a bunch of my tackle from UK, but plain ol doughballs still play a large part of my bait bag. Justa hint, maize here is called feed corn...something fellas here might relate to better. Looking to more posts from you.
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    Kent, UK
    Carp Location

    A couple of you guys have asked questions relating to carp location so I thought I'd make the next short article on here - so here it is and I hope it's of some help to you.

    One of the easiest and most used ways is to visit a venue and walk around it looking for signs of fish rolling on the surface, crusing, feeding or moving around the shallow areas. Carp like many other fish have areas and routes that they follow if not daily on a regular basis. Find these areas and you are half way there.

    Other way to find them is to find the features they use, these can be features visible on the surface or underwater features not seen from above.

    Visible features.

    These include:- Reeds, lillies, over hang trees, fallen trees, under-cut banks, boats/barges, pontoons, islands.

    Underwater features.

    These include:- drop off areas, sunken trees/roots,

    Arive at the venue early as first light is a prime time for fish such as carp to show themselves by rolling and crashing on the surface.

    Fish at the end where the wind is blowing into - the windward end is where all the natural baits are being blown to and the fish will follow.
    If you can prebait your chosen swim - every one or two evenings for a week or so go down and throw some bait in. This gets the fish used to your baits and to your bait being there. Come fishing day the fish used to your bait and hopefully easier to catch.

    Take a good selection of baits with you when visiting a new venue - last thing you want is to blank and for the local know it all to come round and tell you your using the wrong baits.

    Carp will patrol the same areas in the winter months as it does in the summer so don't think because an area is shallow they wont come there - when the sun is out the shallow water warms up faster then deep water.
    If the lake your fishing is very weedy look for the clear areas and there is a very good chance thats where you will find the fish. Clear patches in weedy areas are likely where fish have uprooted the weed looking for and getting at food.

    Cut back on your free offerings in the winter months as carp will slow down and as such wont eat as much - some times a single bait will work better then a bait surounded by freebies.

    Talk to local anglers, tackle shop owners or online chat boards like this one - these can be a great source of info.