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    First I will give the ingredients to my bait that caught well yesterday (No measurements were taken, just enough of everything so it stays on the hook good):
    Vanilla Whey Protein powder (makes it doughier, a binder)
    Evaporated milk (A breaker and creates cloud, very effective, this comprises the majority of the bait at first)
    Instant Oats (Makes a stiffer mixture)
    Red strawberry Soda
    Maple Syrup (Add a little to the main mix, and dip whole doughball in it after it is on hook)
    Puffed Wheat Cereal (Makes it float, and adds something to stick hook through)

    I started with around a cup or 2 of evaporated dry milk, added a few scoops of whey protein, a generous amount of oats, and then added the strawberry soda. Mixed it and if it is too goey add more whey protein, and oats. Always be generous with the dried milk. Add a slight amount of syrup, and mix again untill it is sticky, yet able to be put on a hook, you will know when. I added some shredded coconut to stiffen it up but that isn't required. I added the slightly stale and moist cereal (wheat puff) to give it some floatability. I added a few wheat puffs to the size 1 hook and molded bait around it LEAVING THE POINT EXPOSED (this is critical). I then dipped it into syrup and coated it and the line, then put it in the container of dried powdered milk and shook it up, completely coating it in powdered milk that will lead to a nice cloud in the water. To fish it on bottom just remove wheat puffs. Caught a great mirror fishing it on top.

    Now to the method
    As some of you may know inline feeders, spods and pva bags are used to get bait to places for carp. I wanted to get a nice cloud around my bait with the dried milk, and I mean a big cloud. As I use pantyhose for livers and catfish I had some on hand. I tied a knot in one end and poured in dried milk and wetted the open end and some milk, then twisted it shut, it should stay shut for the cast if done right, and I was slinging it with a 6oz weight. To hook it to the line I hooked the snap of a snap swivel through it and also the main line swivel and slung itout there. IT is some what buoyant so I gave it a large jerk and it spilled its contens leading to a wonderful cloud. If done right it will work. I was throwing it with a non baited rod, but with the baited ir worked minus the weight with floating bread.
    Hope this helps
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    Sounds like a method worth trying!!! Thanks.