Carp Chum?

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    we are going carp shooting tonight would it be any good to grind few up in my meat grinder and put it in freeezer for use as chum next time we go cattn i figure if its a fish and its bloody it would work right? maybe not as good as ground shad or herring but jw about that we go go do some shallow water searching tonight i took all the extra weight out of it i could to make it float a little shallower and make it easier for trolling motor to push us around all night we use spotlights and trollingmotor and shoot em stealthy compared to other people with 500 lights and a generator you can hear from a mile away, and normally do good last time we shot 8 carp 2 big gar and one catfish about 15 pounds, and for people who have never done it, it is really fun u just cant be a wuss over all the bugs that are gone swarm you, later guys