Carp are spawning

Discussion in 'CANADIAN CATFISH' started by Didgeridoo, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. Didgeridoo

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    Manitoba, Canada
    Well the big ol' carp are spawning up here. Saw them splashing up a small creek yesterday. Luckily I had my rod with me. Took about an hour to get anything to bite but managed a solid 33-incher and beat my personal best by an inch. I only had my ultralight gear though which made for a great fight and no horsing it in.

    Fish was caught on 4lb line. The fight lasted a little longer than I wanted but it's a carp and I've got a pet peeve about introduced fish.

    Caught it on a grasshopper on a small treble hook. (didn't have all my gear with me =P)

    Anyways here's some pics.

  2. Eric Wood

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    Hey it's Eric Wood form Brandon, MB. nice sized Carp here too, when i was young living in Winnipeg i seen big groups of Carp concentrating before the highway going towords lockport. cought some here in Brandon but usully fished for Channels, hey bro we should plan a BOC fishing gathering in the peg and in Brandon in early spring, ttyl Bro