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    September Meeting

    I wanted to make everyone aware that biologists from the NCWRC will be speaking at the September meeting of the Carolinas Catfish Club September 10th at the Gander Mountain store in Mooresville, NC. The meeting is open to the public, free, and everyone is welcome to attend.

    The main topic will be the blue catfish research they are conducting on Lake Norman and Badin Lake. This research is running in conjunction with the new 32" harvest restriction the Carolinas Catfish Club introduced in 2007. The weighing and aging of blue catfish in these lakes is ground breaking research never before attempted in North Carolina by the NCWRC.

    Since I am sure many of you from other parts of the state will not be able to attend, please post any questions you would like for us to pass along to the biologists.

    Lake Hickory Tournament 10/4

    As many of you know the Carolinas Catfish Club is having its first tournament of 2008 on Lake Hickory October 4th.

    I just got word from biologists with the NCWRC asking if they could age the channel catfish we catch during the Lake Hickory tournament on October the 4th. This is part of a catfish study they are initiating on Lake Hickory. This is the same type of study NCCATS participated in on Lake Norman and Badin Lake with blue catfish.

    If you do not already know, aging a fish is not as simple as asking them for the date of birth, and it does require killing the fish. Biologists use the otolith, which is bone like material inside the head of fish. In addition, the fish are measured and weighed and the data is compiled to establish growth rates for the lake.

    While we are a club that is focused on conservation and protection of catfish populations we realize that the data gained is worth the sacrifice of the fish for the study. We hope that you will come out to participate in this tournament, and while only two fish can be weighed in for the tournament, we ask that you keep all the channel catfish for the biologists to use in their study.
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    Im looking forward to hearing what they have found...