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I own a 198 DLV. I bought it it in September 2007, and it is equipped with a 90hp Suzuki.

The ride on the DLV is considerably better than the DLX. The DLV is not a deep-V hull by any means, but normal chop is not a problem and there is no where near the chatter and slamming of the DLX.

The DLV actual runs better in heavy chop with more people in it. The extra weight sinks it down a little further and smooths the ride out.

The models you are looking at are big boats. I went with the smaller size since it was easier to park in my driveway, required less horsepower, towed easier, and of course was cheaper.

IF YOU ORDER YOUR BOAT, get them to set the console forward about 18". It will alllow you a lot more room in the cockpit of the boat. The normal factory config does not allow for much room between the seat and the rear deck.

Feel free to PM me with any questions you might have.
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