Carolina Skiff ?

Discussion in 'Boating' started by gtva, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. gtva

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    Bassett, VA
    Has anyone had any experience with the new boats from CS? The JV and JVX Sportsman models. I like the looks of the ones I have seen, but want some first hand advice from some one other than a dealer. I'm thinking of going with a stick steer model with either a 25 or 40 horse 4 cycle. The dealer handles Yamaha and Suzuki, one any more reliable/efficient than the other?
    Thanks, Greg
  2. poisonpits

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    havent had any dealings with the c/s but i own a 2005 yamaha motor and its been 1 dependable motor.


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    Greg - can't help you any. I do like the looks of the c/s boats. Maybe someday i might own one. I saw a few others i like, but have to stick to my Bass Boat for now. Let us know if you get one and how well it performs!
  4. GMC FishHauler

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    i rode in a CS back in 2004 and it was best riding boat i have been in to date.
    we were out in a some bay in oregon fishing for salmon and the boat handled the 4-5' wave like a champ. It was a 20' boat i think and i fell in love, did not even get wet when it was at WOT getting out to the drift line!
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    I will start off by saying this: I do not have any experience with those particular CS models, but i do have a yamaha motor. I bought a yamaha 2 stroke 25 hp this year and it has been an excellent motor. I believe you would be just as happy with their 4 strokes. I see a TON of them these days. Since i bought my yamaha i notice every one of them on the rivers i run, and in my neck of the woods, yamaha motors outnumber everything else 4 to 1, with most of them being the 4 strokes! Next is mercury, with very few hondas, johnson, etc, etc etc. I think this has a lot to do with their reputation. You wouldn't see that many if they were really problematic. The one thing my dealer told me about the 4 strokes, is that you want to put a fuel filter/water separator on them, because they are VERY sensitive to water and other crud in the fuel and plastic fuel tanks make water ("just stick an empty plastic bag out in the sun and it will have condensation in it"). Hope this helps!
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    I've got a 25hp Yamaha 4-stroke, and the first year I had it, it spent more time in the shop than on the water. I had to take it in 3 or 4 times, and it still doesn't run like it did the first time I used it. I'm not that impressed with the power, either. I had been using a 15hp Mariner 2-stroke, and figured that going to a 25hp would give me quite a bit more power. Nope. Yes, it does give me a little more power, but not all that much. I added a whale tail, and that helped a little bit. On the plus side, I love the quietness and the gas mileage. As near as I can figure, it gets about the same mpg as my motor home (8mpg). With the improvements they've made in mpg on the new 2-strokes, I think there's a lot less advantage to buying a heavy, expensive 4-stroke.