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Discussion in 'Boating' started by Cuda-Cada, Sep 24, 2006.

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    I am going to buy a new boat early next year. I fish out of a 16 fiberglass boat now but it is getting old and unsafe. I want a J-16 Carolina Skiff set up with stick steering. I like the way the skiffs have a lot of room because the floatation material is in the bottom of the boat. Two things though, how do these boats ride? I hear horror stories about the spray. 2nd, will they take an occasional bump from a stump, tree in the water?
    I fish mostly south/middle Georgia where the water can be extremely low and the rivers have lots of wood in them. Thanks...
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    They pound hard and with stick steering you'll be sitting up front, it magnifies the pounding.
    Later models have a lip below the bow to deflect water spray. It helps.
    Sprail rails or smart rails can be added to the sides which would also help the stiffness.
    Carolina Skiffs have quite a bit of flex in the hull sides.

    Fiberglass isnt the best material for puncture resistance. Its not too hard to hole one but with a bilge full of foam the foam will displace any water trying to invade the hull in this particular boat.

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    I sold my J16 last year.The rumor is true they will wet you on rough water,ecspecially if you run through a boats wake.Me and my dad both got sick last Febuary while Crappie fishing for that same reason.--Now as far as river fishing,I used mine in the Pee Dee River for years with now problems.It has a very tough bottom and will float in 4" of water if you don't weigh it down.I ran it up on the ramp many times.It had a 25 Suzuki that would fly.It's now being used to catch shrimp.

    If that boat had a jet drive it would go anywhere!
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    I have a 20' Southern Skimmer, which is very similar in appearance, it already comes with rails to keep it dry (very):smile2: .

    Just as Mark J. said, it does take a pounding, being flat bottomed & you will too, steering it up front. Let me put it to you this way, if you don't have kids already, you won't:eek:oooh: