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    I know this may sound like a dumb question but what exactly is a "Carolina Rig" and how do you rig it :embarassed:. It has been a long time since I have done any serious fishing so I am completely out of practice with my knots and so forth. Thanks, Ron
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    Ron, here is a pic that I found kinda quick, only for catfishing we generally use an egg sinker. Basically you put your line through a sinker, add a bead to protect the knot, then tie on a swivel. From this a leader is tied to the swivel and your hook is tied onto the end of the leader. Leaders can be various lengths, depending on conditions, but 12=18 inches is common. When drift fishing, the leader (36") often has a float added about 6-8" above the hook to hold the bait off the bottom. See

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    Hi, Ron. My Carolina Rig setup consists of a 12"-18" (my preference) leader attached to my hook with a palomar knot on one end and a large barrel swivel (can't remember what size I use) attached to the other end with another palomar knot. I slide an egg sinker onto the main line before I attach the leader to it with an improved clinch knot. I usually use a 2oz sinker for most of my fishing, but depending on the current I may use heavier ones. This is the most common setup for bottom fishing that I know of. My rods are rigged with 30# Berkley Big Game line and the leaders are of the same. This works very well for me. I just keep an eye on the condition of my line as I catch a few fish or get hung up on stumps and such. The leader line and main line just above the swivel can become frayed and cause line failure in the event of a big fish or hang-up.