Carolina or Sundance Skiff

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by Cuda-Cada, Nov 14, 2005.

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    I am looking to get a new boat. It will be stick steer like the one I have now. The Sundance looks like it might be a little drier while running but the Carolina is a little lighter and hauls a little more. The Sundance is a "K" series boat and the Carolina is a J-16. Thanks...
  2. Knoxcats

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    I own a Carolina Skiff 16DLX, which is just slightly larger than the J-series you're considering. I've also seen the Sundance Skiffs...a bit heavier than the CS, but also nice boats. Those who own them really like them.

    You might want to hold off for just a bit. Carolina Skiff has just release their new JV series boats. They have a modified bow from the J-series, and have received great reviews from the dealers who have them in.

    Price may be a factor (isn't it always!) but the DLX series boats are worth the extra $$$. More floation, the reverse chines keeps you dry, and they track better than the J boats. A 16DLX is 5" wider than the J-series, and a 17DLX is 10" wider than the 16'. You'll never regret the extra room...ESPECIALLY when catfishing. Width = stability.