CAROLINA CATFISH Where & How at Jordan & Harris

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    Had to dig this out of my pile of fishing mags. Thought I had read something about Blues at Jordan. This article can be found in the June 2006 issue of North Carolina Game and Fish . It gives names, weights, where and how big Blues have been caught at Jordan. Not as big as the 103 lb. Blue caught July 8th in Nebeaska I read about here today. I think that was a mutated White catfish. Usually NC Game and Fish have informative articles with facts, not speculation and rumors ! I'm waiting for a reply to an e-mail I sent to the NCWR today for info on Blues and Channels in Jordan and Harris. Should have some info on stocking and what they have researched with nets and electo sampling at both lakes. Randy, don't worry about other peoples opinion about what you posted about the big cat you heard about. You were trying to get info out like everyone else. Maybe that one was a mutated White cat also !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hey brother let us know what you find out I would like to know if there are blues in Jordan Lake. I thought I had caught a couple of blues in Jordan nothing large though. Another thing I am curious about is are there flatheads in Jordan Lake? I had caught Brown bullheads with and with out spots and what I think was a Flathead but was not 100 percent sure.

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    what the commission says.....

    They should tell you they don't stock Blues or Flatheads in either lake. I saw that article in the mag and facts are not necessarily what you find in magazines.

    I was in the December 2005 issue of NC Sportsman and after a 45 minute interview in which I spoke slowly and clearly, there were 13 significant errors in the story.

    Go figure.

    Here is the simple truth (although most will challenge it or for some reason think otherwise)
    If you are planning on going after Blue Catfish or Flathead Catfish on Jordan Lake or Harris Lake you will be very dissapointed. It is almost certain that you will not catch your target species. If you do, please post it here, I would love to see it.

    I have fished these lakes about as thoroughly as you could possibly fish them since 1991 and I have caught zero Flatheads and zero Blue Catfish.

    All it takes is one person to transfer one fish to a lake and then there is one of them in the lake. I am sure people have moved these cats into the lakes to some small degree but not enough to matter at this point. With any luck, that will change and those fish will become common.

    Keep us updated on the response.....