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Discussion in 'Carolina Catfish Club' started by Mac-b, Jan 8, 2009.

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    I just got thru goggling Google to see if NCCATS had scheduled any tournaments for 2009. Could not find anything, does anybody else have some information on their 2009 schedule?

    If, NCCATS does not hold any tournaments this year, what does the membership think about us having four tournaments this year, say two in South Carolina and two in North Carolina. NCCATS charged a membership fee of $30 to fish in their trail and we could charge our membership fee of $20 or $30 like NCCATS.

    It is probably to late to discuss it at our January meeting, but we could hold some preliminary discussion here on this forum and then maybe do something at our February meeting.

    My wish list if I fished in one would be: Monticello in SC and Lake Wylie or Wateree in SC. For NC it would be Mt. Island and Lake Norman.

    What do y'all think about this, pro or con. Lets talk
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    sounds good to me, i haven't seen or fished monty in my life, and that seems to work out for me :big_smile: i guess when you go to a strange lake you rely on your maps,electronics and your eyes rather than your memory so you dont let past situations cloud your reasoning. OR MAYBE YOU JUST GET LUCKY :wink: I HOPE TO SEE YA'LL NEXT WEEK :smile2:

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    NCCATS moved to Myspace. Omar said they will be starting back up in February. Even though he is doing his again I think we should add a few more to our schedule. Id like to see a few during the summer at night to give new members a differnt view of things other that the 3 during the fall/winter

    Id like to see Norman and Mt Island for NC and Wylie and Wateree for SC. I want to fish Monty, but think well get a better turn out at Wateree

    Maby a summer night event on Wylie to go along with the others some members fish.
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    I will be already fishing 2 series regular this year and maybe a few of a 3rd,why not add a 4th,I would make as many as possible depending on dates and my on call schedule at work,but it sounds like a great idea for the CCC,I like Carys choices for what its worth,I dont think Monty would be that big of a draw,its a great cat fishery,but not a big draw for most clubs for some reason:crazy:
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    NCCATS will be having their schedule out!! Supposedly by February.

    Teds Hunting and Fishing will have a series together by February and it will occupy one weekend per month April through September on Lake Wylie.

    We can talk about it at the meeting on the 14th of January, but my initial reaction is that you are running out of dates to have tournaments in the summer. If you to add in 1-2 more dates a month you are looking at a tournament somehwere almost every weekend that are not holidays based on the current tournament dates. The Carolina Catmen already placed ALL their tournaments on the same dates as the Catawba Catfish Club creating a mess for both clubs, and we don't want to do that to another series.

    Furthermore, the economy is tough this year. While gas prices are down compared to last year I think the current economic state will force many folks to pick and choose what events they will fish.
    Some folks will be forced to save their entry fee money to feed the family or fun fish another weekend.

    Just some things to think about.