Carolina Catfish Club March Meeting

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    March Meeting
    March is finally here, and we were greeted with SNOW!! Wow, what a start to a big month for catfish in the Carolinas!

    Our next Carolina Catfish Club meeting is scheduled for Monday March 9th at the Gander Mountain store in Mooresville at 7:00pm.

    LakeNormanBlues has arranged for a local NCWRC wildlife officer to come and speak to us about the rules on the water we need to be aware of, and also field some question about the enforceability of the new catfish regulations.

    If you have some questions you would like us to pass along, please post them here, or send me an e-mail through the club website at

    If you would like to be added to the club e-mail list, please follow the above link and drop me an e-mail and we will add you on!