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For the benefit of those that have joined the BOC/USCA in the past two years I am going to list how some members of the Carolina Catfish Club has fared in the Cabela's King Kat Classic, the ultimate or zenith in competition fishing. The CKKC is a tournament that all catters should fish at least once in their lifetime. It is well organized and you will meet some awful nice fisher person.

2004 CKKC Madison Iowa Ninth place>>Randy Bowles and Kevin Custer

2005 CKKC Santee Cooper, SC Sixth place>>Robbie Byers III and Robbie Byers Jr.
Tenth place>>Rodger Taylor and Mac Byrum
Plus two or three other CCC teams in the top 30

2006 CKKC Pickwick/Wilson Lake Eleventh place>>Ronnie and Michelle Howard
Twenty sixth place>>Robbie Byers III and Jr.

2007 CKKC Milford Lake KS Third place>>Ronnie and Michelle Howard

2008 CKKC Henderson Kentucky Third place>>Ronnie and Michelle Howard

2009 CKKC Pickwick/Wilson Lake>>> No major placement (next time we will get one)

The Cabela's King Kat Classic is like the World Series to catfisher-person, with as many as 150 to 200 plus teams competing under all types of weather conditions. Yet, a little catfish club in Denver NC has been able to send their members to such an event over the past five years and they came home with an excellent placement in the CKKC. Maybe you guys and gals that live close by might want to come visit us and find out why we do so well in competition. Also, you might hear us discuss ways to conserve our fisheries.
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