Carolina Catfish Club 2008 Points Race

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    Carolina Catfish Club
    2008 Points Race

    For the first time the Carolina Catfish Club used a points system to decide its points winner. In the past, like most tournaments, the club used a cumalitive weight to decide the winner. The one problem with this system is that one person can win a points championship with a good showing on one lake. The points system allows more people to be in a position to win the points championship going into the final event.

    In the end the points system reflected the same ending as a total weight system would have. 14 pounds separated first from second place and four points was the spread on the points.

    First Place...Rodger Taylor (Mudkip) and Dieter Melhorn (Wyliecat) 26 points (107.4 pounds)
    Second Place...Karl Emerson and Rob McHenry (shrewboy) 22 points (93.4 pounds)

    First place receives their entry fee paid for the 2008 Cabelas King Kat Classic in Henerson, KY. Second place receives a Hydroglo light donated by Mac Byrum (Lakenormanblues).