Carlyle Lake

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    Just let you fellas know, North of the trussell up into the stumps find ya a hole with some current (due to river flooding) the channel cat have been hot as fire for the past 4 days, Have not seen many over 10# but most of the old timers are just filling the freezers right now, hitting just about everything, Crawlers, crawdads if ya can find any, cut shad and gills...... water is high or was still should be with all rain. If you go and don't know the North end go slow and safe, most of the stumps are under and hidden. Any one of the creek channels would still be hot, back off either side on North and set up just off the current break. If you know where North and East fork meet the ditch then into the old river get around that area :wink:. Also Warner Lake hole and west side old channel they were slaming them, and one more I wouldn't over look would be soppers Lake, and Crooked Lake, if you know where I am talking about and been there you know, if not and are looking be careful and go slow (run the channel) even the horse shoe if the wind isn't bad and you rather stay on main side......... BE SAFE!!