Cardboard....campers dream...

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    Im sure lots of you folks have gone camping/hunting/fishing and have had the need to get down on the hot concrete and get under the car or kneel down to change a tire or two.... I've have cardboard of various sizes to use as need.... I keep a big one under the bed in the RV. Boy it sure is nice to slide under the RV on that cardboard rather than being on the asphalt or in the dirt or gravel....You can even put it under the sleeping bag to "insulate" the ground..... I have another piece in the RV storage box that is about 20x20 inches and use it as a fillet board...... Rather than putting the "slimmie fish" on the camp table, I use the cardboard as a cutting board. I have it folded in half, and it is "re-usable". Oh I do have a fillet table, but sometime I just pull out the "ole dried out cardboard" and use it. what you do is.... and I dont skin my cats.....but, I fillet them on one side of the cardboard... blood and slime all over the place..... one fish after another....Just push the slime off the end into a bucket or some thing..... when it comes to then take off the skin by filleting the other side, I turn over the card board and now that side is "clean and dry".... when finshed, just wipe it off, and leave it out on the table to "air dry". Can do this many times.... as long as you keep that thing in its place somewhere out of the RV or inside of the car.... You can even burn it up in the fire when done....

    Kind of neat... portable and "holds the fillets real nice"

    Merry Christmas Bayrunner Ray :wink: