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Carb Cleaning Questions and Answers Section

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I just posted some info on carb cleaning on the old site.

Tim is supposed to do something with it to bring it over here.

Stay tuned, there's 18 pictures with it.
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Those 3 cylinder johnson and rudes in a close year of the early ninties had a cooling problem to and I have the service bullitens on them if anyone is interested in them.
I have a 1998 johnson 60 hp, anything on it?
I was just wondering if the info had been transfered from the old site yet ? I just bought a boat with a 125 Mercury and the guy told me last time he ran it that it didnt want to take the fuel. I got new plugs and fuel filter but it will probably be in tha carbs because it has been sitting for about a year or year and a half. Its a 1999 year model . any help would be great ........ty
All two cycle outboard carbs are very similar in operation and make up.

It doesn't matter if it's a 2 hp or a 200 hp, They do it the same way with metering jets, a fuel float and a needle that's seated when the bowl is full and the float that pushes the needle to the seat to slow down or shut off the fuel entering the carb at priming.

If you decide to clean it, get the right size tools and solvent. A manual would help in adjusting and replacing the linkage. New kits for each carb is needed.

Did you do a compression check? Basic diagnosis before buying a used motor.
Thank you for the info Bob ......and yes i did a compression check on it . Had 125 on 3 cylinders and 130 on the 4th . I got it cranked yesterday and it runs so so . when i shoot the fuel to it , it acts like it is gonna take it then it bogs down and then it takes it and goes .it will get on up on plane after that but it doesnt seem like it is doing what it should at wot . By the way it is on a 99 Procraft 17 foot and Mercury 125 ELPTO. Thank you again Bob
Bob i also forgot to mention that the choke at the key does not work as well , also i cut it off after running it a couple of times on a small lake and tried to start it back up and it fired up if i tried shortly afterwards but if it stayed shut off for any amount of time like 30 mins i had to hit the bulb again to start .....
Danny, where in NC are you located?
Bob im located in Duplin County .... just off I-40 @ 364 exit.....Was thinkin of just taking the boat in to have repaired and get checked out completly.....probably wouldnt hurt to get new impeller and oils changed . If your interesed in doing it PM me and give some directions or a # and maybe we can get it down to you sometime soon .......Thanks again for everything Bob
Danny, I did think about doing it, but right now my tools are scaterred between two places and I'm not too organized because of a recent move.

Right about the time I'd schedule a meet, I'd be working weekends. As of now, I'd suggest you go ahead and take it in.

Your located about half way between myself and Mark J's place in Four Oaks. We all might get together at Lock #1 on the Cape Fear for some springtime Bluecattin'.

Don't use the boat much until you get the fuel problem corrected. It won't fix itself and a poorly running engine is subject to blow at any moment.
I understand about the move Bob and the tools being scattered, mine seem to stay that way without moving , Is there anyone you recommend to take it to.....had a friend of mine tell me about someone around Castle Hayne but i cant call the name at this time. I did however pull the carbs off Bob and there was some trash in the bottom 2 carbs...i sprayed the with carb cleaner and blowed them out as best as could . i dont know if it done anygood or not. I still want to carry it in for a full service to make sure all is checking good because i dont think the motor has been run very much at all .....Thanks again Bob and like you said maybe we can get together sometime, Me and the son inlaw do a lot of catfishing around Castle Hayne but i think im gonna have to get a new or good used trailer for my 16 ft DW jon . If ya know of anyone with one of those id be interested in it as well ...............Danny
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I can't do much about the trailer. Used ones around here are salt water beat.

When you clean out the carbs, be sure to run a fine wire up the pick up tube and spray it out good. Other than the main jet in the bowl, the pick up tube that pulls fuel up into the idle and off idle circuits, clogs easily.

As far as recomending anyone in the area, I'm not familiar with any of them up Wilmington way.
Bob , I would like to thank you for your help on my 125 mercury , However i did go ahead and take it to a guy in Jacksonville and have him service it and he said he adjusted the carbs and got them in sync with it being a 2+2 he said 2 work at idle and changes to 4 at higher rpm. We did have to replace the ignition tho because the fuel enricher wasnt working and it ended up being the ignition. Had the lower unit serviced and waterpump installed so i hope its ready to go now . When you get your tools and all together let me know maybe i can bring some business your way sometime....Thanks again Bob
You did the right thing.

I'm not fully equiped to diagnose all the problems that a merc tech could, but I will handle the basic issues on any engine.
You seem to know your stuff here Bob and it is greatly appreciated. to answer your question in the PM ....I might have some repairs for you to do pretty soon, i am getting my ranger put back together now and i would like to get it serviced as soon as i get it trailorable. I just done the Transom with the seacast got the motor mounted back on last week but we are doing some other odds and ends before putting all back together. Ill get up with ya pretty soom on the offer though ...... Thanks again............Danny
:cool2:if anyone needs help with a 25 Suzuki 2 stroke I may be your guy. I had to rebuild the total top end of mine last year due to a blown head gasket. I did all the wrenching myself because of the major cost difference. The bottom bolt was unfortunately frozen and broke upon removal. The carbs are gone thru every other year if I get to use my boat regularly. But if I have to work as much as I have this year then I may take them off and soak them indefinately, or till I can fish again regularly.
that was awesome how you showed how to clean the carbs, got a question about the linkage on the side (pics 17-18) can you show how that suppose to work and adjusting it? BTW this is a godsend for us firstime boat owners!! Kudos again!!
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