caralina rig vs three way rig

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by slikk03, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. slikk03

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    i have been using the threev way rig ;is there anything wrong with that i avoid all the snags by suspending my weight a foot below my hook, and i can cast farther, is ther a down side to thisvs the caralina rig, also, will a caralina produce beter results with circal hooksthan the three way rig,, also if using a cara lina how long of leader should i use
  2. catfishrollo

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    I fish a three-way rig mostly when fishing flatheads in the river systems. I however modify things according to the structure I'm fishing. I even use a standard straight rig when probing heavy timber areas allowing the sinker to slide clear down to the hook, with a bead to protect the knot some. Now the carolina rig is a great rig in my opinion. But, it has it advantages and disadvantages. I don't like fishing a mainline with a swivel like that in structure. Seems to me that the weight always wants to get hung and then I loose my whole setup. However, sinker slides make the carolina rig more versatile now than ever before, allowing the seperation of the weight when hung without losing the whole setup. I still overall like the 3-way better for livebait fishing most of the time. I also like to fish floats as often as possible...goodfishing....rollo

  3. arkrivercatman

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    I use a 3 way 90% of the time for live bait river fishin. It keeps the bait off of the bottom and makes it easier for a flathead to gobble it up.I shorten my leader if I am super close to structure. That way my bait cant get tangled up.I use kahle hooks and I have a really good hook up rate just tight lining with my rod in a sturdy rod holder.
  4. jagdoctor1

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    There is nothing wrong with a 3 way rig at all, they work wonders at times. However my biggest concern with the rig is the number of knots and those 3 way swivels. I have broken a few of the swivels so I don't use them any more. It takes practice to use a polymer knot on a 3 way rig but once you get it down it's no biggy. You have to make your leader first since you have to slip the knot over your object you slip your mainline over the leader. I don't suggest using any other knot on this rig. You are using alot of knots so use the best ones you can.
  5. brother hilljack

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    Shelbyville, TN
    I use the three way rig on a regular basis. I too enjoy not snagging up all the time. It works great for me.
  6. john catfish young

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    I use the 3-way rig on all my live baits. I use the carolina rig when fishing cutbaits. If i'm fishing snaggy bottoms I like to use the slip rig and a circle hook.:wink:
  7. JimmyJonny

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    I don't fish current so I use crane swivels with Carolina rigs only. My lake is pure standing timber hell ( Lake Hartwell, SC ) and it work great for me.

    I do 2 things..

    One is if I'm anchored and I'm still slightly swaying I wont completely tight line because it will drag bottom and hang you up. Second thing is I disable my bait slightly by cutting fins down. It stays alive, bleeds and wont be able to tangle around branches as easy.

    At one time I did use 3-ways but I have seen them break and they are bigger than a crane swivel so it gets wedged in branches easier.

    Just my observations where I fish.

  8. massa_jorge

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    i mostly use the carolina rig. fast current, heavy cover= shorter leader. i don't use swivels for three ways anymore. i tie a surgeon's loop with a very large loop, then cut it according to desired length. one end will be the weight, the other the hook. in heavy cover i like the weight below the bait. this rig is surprisingly tangle resistant when you are you are using heavy mono leaders.