Captians creek - catfish secrets out of the bag!

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    gardner kansas
    ok fellow catfishers i am going to tell to a good creek to fish at out in the country towards baldwin ks when i was a kid me and my dad were scouting around came across this creek by accident we decided to check it out nice brigde to fish off wide not to much debree in the warter muddy as hell good spot for bullhead good flat bait but anyways there is always good fishing there i plan to hit it up this summer anyone wants to go when it warms up hit me up heres a map to get to it take old 56 to edgerton road take a left on 159th will turn into n700th then take a left 2300th rd follow it down a ways and you cant miss it heres a map i hope someone eles likes it

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    Thanks for the info,neighbor.I'm always lookin for new places to fish.

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    if its just out by baldwin then its not all that far from me, i will have to check it out this summer