Captain's Log - 6/26&28/09 (Life on the Congaree)

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    Times are tough (fishing wise)... The SS MudFish finally made it back out on the Congaree/Wateree this weekend and it felt great. I had been dodging the high water for several weeks by hitting the lakes but there really is no place like home.

    Fishing report: Catfishing is slow (actually non-existant is more like it); Bream fishing is good (cooked 'em up last night) on blue worms and crickets.

    Here's the deal... we fished for Catfish from 7pm-2am Friday night with little more than a few nibbles. It was just plain slow. We used cut and live herring. We fished deep eddies, sandbars, shallow flats, and log jams. We tried lights on and lights off. There was a pretty fair water flow but nothing un-manageable. The river has been dropping for about a week but it was still a little muddy. All I can say is we tried hard but it just wasn't working. Stars were beautiful and there was a cool enough breeze to make it a great night to be on the river though.

    We decided to head out again yesterday and just did some riding and bream fishing. We cruised a few miles up the wateree and found some still water. Caught bream until we ran out of bait. It was hot as the dickens but taking an occasional swim helped remedy that. Brought home about 40 of the better ones (4 finger to full on hand sized ones). Had half for supper last night with grits; coleslaw; hush puppies; and sliced tomatoes - em good:smile2:. Put the rest in the freezer for a rainy day.

    All and all this was a jam up weekend. This is the way a summer weekend is supposed to be in the south.

    I'm sure we'll be back on the water by Thursday. I've got a 5 day weekend coming and I plan to take full advantage of it. I'm not the least bit discouraged by the slow fishing lately. I found a few places I want to try for Largemouth (early one morning or late one evening); I'm going to try and take advantage of the bream fishing since it seems to be on; and I'm going to give the catfish some more opportunities to catch a ride home with me. I'm gonna give it an old school effort though... back to buying worms and crickets and then seeing how many different fish I can turn them in to (I'm not wasting anymore money buying herring for a while.):wink:.

    I hope you guys are having as much fun this summer as I am.:big_smile:
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    Thanks for the report. I think the cat bite has slowed down everywhere. Lately if I catch 1 or 2 it has been a good day. Good luck to you, and stay safe.


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    Good report! I hope it picks up before too long.

    Bill in SC
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    Thanks for the report mudfish. I was out thursday night with my girls we caught one 15lber and that was it,bite is real slow. I tell ya I caught bait fast so i thought the fish would be biteing.Im going to be there tommarow night ill try to put up a report,Got alot of stuff going on at work dont have much time to play on the computer.