Capt Mike Jr and Salmonid

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    I don't have enough posts to write you guys back privately so I just thought I'd throw it on the ol' post board here...

    MAN!! Thank you Salmonid for the advice on the 2 hooks on a line... I would have gotten burned FOR SURE!!! I had 4 strung up the day I walked the Serpentine Wall cast netting and jigging. That has been a super invaluable piece of advice. Can't tell you how much I appreciate it!

    Capt Mike Jr... I would love to come out but I work nights and Saturday is one of them. How late do you hang... it's possible for me to get out of work around 11pm and meet up for a late nighter... I have my own boat but wouldn't mind a bit jumping on your barge!!! I hold onto nice live bait like goldies and a whole slew of dead stuff. I'm off on Wed quite a bit this month if you want to get a mid-week trip in or even on a Sunday. I'm pretty open and can adjust my schedule but I DO need to keep on the job to pay the mortgage ya' know. Does your wife go out with you? Thought I saw a woman pictured with a big cat on your last post... Anyhow, hopefully we can hook up (literally) and pull in some fatties!!! Hope to talk to you soon. JIM aka stewedcatfish
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    Hey STEWEDCATFISH its was an old girlfriend and im not married butt im a truck driver and the only time we fish is sat. and sat. nights as long as the air temp isnt to crazy and usually every other sunday i fish alot with my friend bill and norb from another place, might know him so keep in touch looks like this sat might be alittle clod and brezy butt we r going to give it a try.