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Cape Fear River Fayetteville 6/29

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Finally got to get back out on the river to do some fishing despite the storms. Fished with eels, cut shad, and bluegill. Set up on first hole around 730p caught two small cats both were around 5lbs each; a blue and flattie. Went to our next hole and caught another small flattie around 8lbs. We went to our next spot and the fish got hungry round 230am, caught 5 out of the hole in 40 minutes. 3 more blues which the big one was 33lbs, 18lbs, and 8lbs, 2 flatties one was 14lbs, and 6lbs. Overall it was a great night of fishing, just had to be patient and wait on them, had several runs but many of the fish dropped the bait. The 33lb blue is now my PB Blue for the Cape Fear River, man he absolutely crushed the cut shad, and tangled up two other lines. It was also my first double, I was landing the 14lb flattie, and the blue crushed the shad, I threw the flattie in boat and ran to grab the other rod. (I guess it would be a double? at least in my book). All fish were released to be caught again. I forgot my digital camera, but my partner was able to use the cell phone camera and got this pic of the blue (it's not very clear). The fish was as round as a watermelon and as long as my leg. I'm having trouble trying to post pic, wish it was easy like it use to be. If someone could help I can email the pic to you and have you post for me? I'm behind the power curve on technology. Thanks! "Give'em the Hook!"
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Pete sounds to me like y'all had a good nite on the cape fear .When an where is the tourney you were asking me about the other day [summer slam i think ]?
The summer slam tourney is Aug 20 (friday nite meeting/inspection at 630 i believe blastoff 730p, weigh in sat morn at 9am) it's at riverside in fayetteville, sponsored by Swampboys. It was a pretty good trip, I really need to get out on river more. The tourney is a non-trailering tourney.
congrats on pb and a night like that! thats the nights i dream about. I'm going to have to give fayetteville a try some day. I normally fish the cape around lillington but it has been letting me down lately.
There is some real good fishing round lillington, but I do like to fish Fayetteville stretch, i think it's underated by many. If you can find the holes you can do really good in the fayetteville stretch.
Where do you put in to fish the fayetteville stretch? Can you get a pontoon around up there?

Thanks and congrats. Man that would by a trip of a lifetime for me.
I have a Pontoon myself. I put in at Riverside you can get around without any problems from lock #3 the whole way north to the 295 bridge. Once you see that bridge I wouldn't go further, it's shallow and rocky at times less than a ft deep.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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