Cape Fear River 5/ 11/2007

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    I went to cape fear river late afternoon 5/11/07 and fished until about AM.started off at dam #3 trying to catch some shad for bait ,yes shad, some shad are still around we only caught 2 but we didn't have much time ,seen one striper caught .went down the river and started cat fishing slow start and finish.we only landed 4 cats, two on night crawlers one on cut shad one on cut ell .I got my chance at a big one but you know the story, my leader line was way to small lbs ,long story made short, he broke it with other big bit same story.I will be ready next time (landed fish 10/ 5/ 3/ 1 lbs)
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    i had about the same luck at lock #3 .... i think the shockers are hurting the numbers of good fish down there!!!!