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Got out with Wes again last night at the lock for some more cattin. It didn't take long to get slime on the boat because of the 6 pound blue we accidently caught in the throw net! Wes thought he hit the mother load of shad when he was retrieving the net and we were both really surprised to see the little cat. We moved down river a little to start bream fishing and it wasn't very easy. We had to work for it, but we finally had enough bait for the night. The catfish bite was slow at first, taking us almost two hours to get our first fish to the boat. We picked up one fish at our 2nd and 3rd spots, and 3 at our last stop. The fish were 6,7,9,11,14, and 30. The 30 was my new boat record and the biggest NC blue I have ever caught! It was a great night and I'm looking forward to getting back out there.


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