Cape Fear / Fayetteville

Discussion in 'LOCAL NORTH CAROLINA TALK' started by 01 Mudslinger, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. 01 Mudslinger

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    Gretna, Va
    anybody know what the river is looking like, thinking bout putting the boat in this evening, hadnt been out in a while cuz been to busy, is it too high and fast still from all the rain or is it back to normal.
  2. joe0580

    joe0580 New Member

    north carolina
    yes is high and very fast. went down to look at water yesterday here in e town and they just opened the lock up. the water is fast and very muddy. not sure if even worth trying it.

  3. Fishing Fred

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    Lillington, N.C
    From the bridge at Lillington it looks up, fast and very muddy. They were letting a lot of water through the dam at Jordan yesterday. Jordan was still way up so they will be letting it out there for a while yet. The Cape Fear was looking like the Old Cape Fear yesterday, back before Jordan Dam ! Wish I weren't old enough to remember that !!!!!
  4. crusinman2002

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    Mukwonago, Wisconsin
    i fished the cape last night off of NC42 near sanford... its the first stretch from the dam at jordan till the dam near lillington... i was about 2 miles north of the dam near lillington... very very muddy... water was not moving fast at all... maybe its under the other dams that it picks up speed... but up here there was alot of debrit floating coming from the jordan side... the only fish that were caught were on limb lines.