Cape Fear at Fayetteville question

Discussion in 'NORTH CAROLINA RIVERS TALK' started by Cathunter Pete, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Cathunter Pete

    Cathunter Pete New Member

    Fayetteville NC
    I was curious if anybody has been out lately between Riverside and the 295 bridge? I haven't been out lately and was curious how the cats are biting. I haven't done a lot of fishing this time of year due to hunting. I plan on going Thursday in the early afternoon and fishing till midnight. Is there anything special I should do? I have never had much luck in the daytime. Any help would be great, I plan on using only eels, maybe some brim if I can catch them. What areas should I target or look for. Thank and keep them baitclickers clicking.

    FATFLATTIE New Member

    ILM, NC
    I've never really fished up that way man. I would look for some pockets out of the main current with some shallower water than the surrounding area. Should be fairly easy to find some places like this during high water. This is where most of the bait should be so that's why most of the cats will be there as well.