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    My buddy and I went up to the Cape Fear back where we caught our big fish on Wednesday. We camped and fished til about 4 in the morning. We caught 15 good sized catfish. Biggest was a 9-3 flathead caught on cut bream, then a 6-6 blue, and several in the 5 pound range. Smallest one we caught was 2-11, so good overall size that night. Caught every one on cut bream. Woulda been a nice stringer if we'd a been keepin' em'. Had a good pretty night for it though. Woke up at 11:30 Thursday morning though with lots of rain. It rained on us til we left the river at about 5 in the afternoon. Our john boat was taking on some serious water by the time we reached the boat Good luck to all this weekend, I'm heading to Virginia so that was my only chance to go over our fall break.
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    Thats great!! Went out last night myself we went down to rockfish creek tho, had a couple good runs i caught a 5 pound channel all in all i had a good time.Glad to see you back on here posting again, like i said great night the bite has picked up a pretty good out there you should try down river some and if yah every want to hook up and hit the river i fish it ALL THE TIME just give me a pm