Cape Fear 3/3

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    Me and Britton got out today for a little catfishing on the river. Started out trying to catch eels as usual, they were difficult, only caught 2. We had some nice shad I got in the net this morning though along with some shiners that ended up in the net as well. Got to the first spot and didn't get a bite but managed to lose Britton's brand new anchor after only one toss:angry: Luckily I had brought mine as well so we continued to fish. The wind was bad and we couldn't fish some of our normal spots which turned out to be a good thing. We fished some new water and ended up finding a couple of really good spots. I think we actually saw fish on the finder and then caught them:smile2: We caught several in the new spots and then fished some of our usual spots without any success. Only a few small take downs. After the tide crapped out we tried yet another new spot and got a few small flatheads so we finally have another spot that might produce on the incoming tide. Then we hit the usual spot and caught a blue. Then fished a little down town and caught one more and missed a few. Ended the day with 6 blues and 6 flatheads. Most came from 25-40ft of water but 3 came up on a shallow 15-18ft flat. All fish came on carolina rigs and the baits were shad, eel, and caught two flatheads on those wild shiners. Nice day on the water.
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    which boat ramp ya'll using wes?

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    Have yall tried taking a holesaw to an old tire and used it for an anchor?
    Hard to lose those things. There is probally enough lost anchors below lock 1 to build a USS North Carolina.